On the afternoon of the week, we first met Zhuo Xiaojan.Before this, for this interview, we had long been familiar with her words, and she was able to figure out her presence in her mind through her pen.However, at the beginning, we still have a little surprise. I can't believe this beautiful, charming and natural beauty of the beauty of the natural abundance. It is to interact with the brave mother of countless people in the interaction with the son of the sick son, Sion.

When you first open the book < the loneliest and most full roads > , I couldn't help but smile and smile at my friends' friends watching me smile at the page, and sometimes laugh at me, and ask me to smile.I was astonished to discover that I couldn't find the exact words to describe the book.Although the book notes the ill-fated story of life, it is not a sad nor inspiring statement of the dawn of life. I think that it is precisely this kind of writing that cannot be defined, so that it is more than ever that the most realistic life is presented.

30 …, she was able to bear the rest of her life, but in her stories of marriage and childbirth, she was brutally cruel than fiction. Yet, in her bright, humorous and endless life, she was able to see a bright … in her darkest and uninteriable life.

The sudden change of life, let her learn more bravely

Hizen Sion, son of Siam, took a photo of the mother and son.

first reaction was "shock, a blank in the brain, no extra heads and feeling, and even his hands and feet trembling when he was reminded of his son's illness."When the doctor announced that the child would never go, she was angry, hopeless, and standing on the ninth floor with the children wanting to end everything.But when she was calm, she was calm and nurtured strong, and she used endless care to lead Si'an to cross the limits of medical care. However, when Siamian's miraculous miracle came to her, she found the most unbearable side of her marriage.

I don't know whether it's because too many trials have been going on, but the story before us is only a gently spit out of the mouth, but she frankly and brutally brutally fall over her.

She recalled: " I had been there for a few days, and I was completely unwilling to see my son.The son Xi'an, like a young man, has been carved out of the same mold, but only when she wants to enter the window of his soul, she doesn't see herself, but often reminds her of the former husband of the departed.Recalling the dark days of the dark, he shook his head and said, "I don't remember how I was going through it, let alone the bottom of life, because all the way was the process.""Perhaps it is the responsibility of my son and the fact that she is forced to face up to the fact that she has to face and face up to the bravery of the armed forces, and to be able to be so strong in torrential rain that she is able to move forward."

The love of a family and a friend, taking her through this period of thorns.

The day's new book sharing session, the dawn of a family's family cheer her on her.

The parents were happy to take a picture of Siian and his grandparents.

When you talk about this journey, she sincerely thanked her family and friends for their support, and she was able to support her through this path." The days when I wanted to escape from Siam was also my family's responsibility to take care of Zion and to see their love, so I couldn't go down.The family's tolerance and care also forced her to face the wounds of her unhealed wounds, and to shoulder the responsibility of raising her si'an.Her family is as solid as a rock, and as a young man, she doesn't understand it, and now she has come back to discover that she can't live with them."

Sian's illness has not yet been defined in medical science, she has to run around every hospital, and explain to friends and relatives about her son's condition. She cuts her grief into words, and she set up a blog about her son to accompany her son to the disease.Unsurprisingly, only one corner of a record of her illness was first recorded, but later became an outlet for her. She began to capture the beauty of life in her life. After years of writing, she began to meet many of her friends through the garden.

A friend and a reader are unknown, like a surprise in life, and she said, " First of all to support me and Siam in life, I got more warmth and interaction."There is encouragement from friends, so that she can no longer be lonely and brave."

\fnCronos Is Her son, Sion, smiles and hurts her.

Sion is the source of all happiness and inspiration.

Siam is a source of laughter and bitterness in my life, and there are so many setbacks in the process of getting along with the xi'an, for example, he is still unable to speak, his cognitive abilities are less than two years old, his defecation cannot be handled, and so forth.But even then, she has always been concerned about her care and concern.For example, when she had an epileptic seizure, she was initially held up by her and did not allow him to have a collision. But later she discovered that she might not always be standing next to him. If she wasn't there one day, she might not be able to look after herself.As soon as she was in the middle of her mind, Si'an was able to take her shoulder to the shoulder and then lay down his shoulder and gasp forward in the arms of dawn.

Even if you can't communicate, Zion uses his own indifferent approach-such as the mother's one-share French kiss, the intimacy to touch her hair, and her hair-to feel the love of Siam.In the past, she was confident that Si'an was unable to be defined, but now she is still looking forward to it, but she doesn't dare to expect and believe that the miracle of life can be felt like her.

mentions a son, who naturally doesn't show her face, and her mouth is lightly smiles, with a gentle smile on her mouth.But talking about Zion's future expectations, she sighs, saying, " Every mother and father of every special child has the greatest hope of being able to walk a day later than the child.If you can't imagine that Zion can't handle life itself, he only hopes that he can acquire a skill, learn to take care of himself, and hope that in the future he will be able to find out exactly the cause of Si'an.In the face of being unable to be categorized, the resources and assistance of the relevant units could not be sought in the process of taking care of Zion. She could only be groping through the process. She also hopes that she will be able to link up with parents who have similar situations and create a special education platform to help her own her own experience and help her family.At the same time, she said, "I want to live in a small town where I can live with a nursing home and a sanatorium, so I can walk and take care of Siam and take care of Siam.""

She always was always amazed at the front of the faith

belief is a source of strength, enabling her to believe that there is always a good way to wait for her.

The name of "Chi'an" is actually the sacred mountain of Christianity.On a journey of confidence, the Xian Mountains must climb, but what she didn't expect was that they needed to cultivate an unbreakable confidence in the gods, and they needed to be able to withstand a lot of ups and downs.Occasionally, she would complain and blame her for what she was going to do to make her alone.

she first took her to her home, she found out after boarding her car that she had taken her to the seat of the three men who had carefully prepared her for Siamins.As she looked at her mother's intimacy, she couldn't drive her away from her mother, so she was so depressed, disappointed, and complained that she had done everything she could to avoid such a rush. Why didn't she go from such a wish?By the time they were told by the other party, they had to wait for their narrow seat, let her feel that she was more exposed, and blamed the gods for not giving up their mother's suffering.But after a car journey, she suddenly found that there were two vacant seats in front of them, so she took Zion to sit down. At the peak hour of the passengers' peak hours, no one came to drive them away, so that the mother and son could maintain a safe path.As a result, she realized that "although God brought me from that head to this head, in fact he had already reserved two seats for me there.""

" If my entire life was a bumpy ride, it was always expected to be empty. I also believe that it must have some surprises in front of me.In the eyes of the faith and the lever of her faith, she gave her power in the midst of grief, and she was able to tell her in her silence, however rough and long, that she had always been waiting for her to be.

Out of Marriage Hurt-Open your heart and welcome new possibilities

When we were careful to ask if we would still want to find other partners in the future after the dramatic changes in the marriage, I was able to respond to her as usual: " Why not?"This is a new challenge, but with family and friends as the strongest backing, I will open my mind and be very natural," he said.Don't let others go out of their own stories and think of themselves as the victims, to stop at the end of their stories, or to live up to their stories and to have the courage to walk out of their own stories and always be the heroine of their own stories.In addition to the general feeling of the new possibilities, Xiao said that she would not be afraid to rise to another small life because of the current experience, because "if the child was born to a normal child, thank God; if not, at least I know how to take care of him from Siam."A few sentences have fully demonstrated the attitude of the people of the dawn and the dawn of a new outlook.

A new book sharing session on the day, the beauty of the beauty of the beauty of the new book.

To the Past and the Future-Ones to the Next Broad

When we want to see her now, for the past and the future, she laughs quietly and sighs with her sigh, and says, " I'm not going to say anything to me in the past."

she has lost a lot of her life, she doesn't regret the past. She doesn't regret the past. She doesn't want to be seen in the past. Whatever the impact she has, she hopes that she can be brave and embrace her life and walk out of her own love.

the face of the future, she also hopes that "in the future, will you not be afraid, with your family and friends as my steadhard support, as long as I can walk through this paragraph, I will go forward and take a bold step forward.""

For Women-Life is always imperfect, but please do your best to

The nature of life is imperfect, and the general admits that she can't satisfy everyone's expectations, knowing your limitations, occasionally giving yourself a little space of relaxation, "she says," but still try to make a hard life.""

To the family of the sick family-laugh at the ridicule of humor

For example, when the wind blows through the grasslands, it is hard to understand how the wind is blowing, and whether or not she is soft and windy, but in a way that is so hard to understand, but in the face of the wind, it is tough to stand up and stand tall.She recommends that the family of Han should learn to be humorous, see where the children are good, and be righty, even if society is unable to accept it, and try to be brave and allow the community to accept it."

At the end of the interview, we asked how the mood of the later book will be.And she smiled and said, " Hyper High!In order to be afraid of waiting for a little bit of excitement, I also brought a bell to myself." We can't help but smile. It seems that we are also infected with the character of a straightforward and straightforward character.

In the course of the conversation, the sense of humor, courage, and humility everywhere, she thanks the friends and relatives around him for her blessing and care. She believes that her writing is just like a normal person's everyday life.But even so, in such an ordinary, forbearance of her perseverance and color, she used her life attitude to save her life, bringing us to see the softest, strong, and lonely souls that she had full of.

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