Ghost director Yang Ya-zhe's new "girlfriend".Boyfriend >, 8/1, holds a global premiere press conference at the National Theater, leading to the supervision of Ye Xin, and actress Gui-lun Mg, Chang Hsiao-chuan, Feng Xiaoyue, and Zhang Shuhao, chatting about movies, chatting and chatting with everyone.

Although it was a typhoon, womany was not afraid of the wind and rain to help the fans attend this press conference, to hear how the actors' frictions in the film and the direction of the directors and the actors could not help but feel proud and moved by the progress and departure of the Taiwan film industry!

" In the past, it was difficult to make a movie in Taiwan. It was very difficult to get a police car, and the props had to be all of themselves.The host, Tao Jingying, said the lack of film resources in Taiwan was in the past.

We should all have two lovers

"We should all have two lovers, one who loves me and one that I love."

In the film, the courageous and authentic Chinese version of the "Gui," and "reliable" Chang Hsiao-chuan, as well as the romantic and pure "phoenix", are "girlfriends" through his girlfriends.A section of the "Boyfriend" is a complete description of the affair of the three people.But what kind of decisions will the directors and actors make?

Q. What would you do if you were in the movies?


Guillaine magnesium: If you don't say it in a thousand words and say no, then let's put it in your heart.I would choose to take the silence and hide the feelings of the two people.

Feng Yue: In fact, many people are like this, unwilling to be honest, and unwilling to accept them.I would hope that I could have the courage to learn to take responsibility, not to be like the king of the king, like a Balloon balloon, which has lost his passion for life.

Chang Hsiao-chuan: I may have done the same thing as Ah-liang in the show, hiding myself, but it is easy to deceive yourself, so I still learn to face up to myself!

Q. For the love of you and your love, who will you think about in the future?


Yang Yizhe: It may come from a deficit, the person who loves me, and I will hope that he can find a better person, and it will be better.

Gui Wei-lun: I'm glad that I love all the love that I love!

Feng Xiaohe: If you have these two lovers, I will miss them. One makes me feel guilty, and the other makes myself consoled. I will love to love me a little more, so it is even more balanced!

Chang Hsiao-chuan: In fact, I will, and I like this very much. These two lovers are like a mirror, and it is very easy to deceive yourself. We should all be well in the face of our own hearts.

If it is you, how do you choose?

You and I have the crazy genes of youth.

This film describes a period of friendship and love spanning over three decades. People in that era of crazies eagerly need democracy and freedom. It is also because of youth and warm blood that they are brave enough to follow the path of this quest.

" At the time of the water park lifeguard, it was very fun to help a friend who was going to be a soldier.The director Yang Ya-zhe has a smile and a taste of the madness that he had done before.The growth of the film's horns seems to be a replica of our own life, and we are young and crazy, because of the young muddled knowledge, to be able to bring back memories.

What about you?What's your crazy memory?

8/3, with the world, at < girlfriend.Boyfriend, get back to your crazy youth!