What!It turned out that only we celebrated Father's Day on August 8!?

When do you wonder when the parents' holidays in other countries are?

and the second Sunday of May in which the father's festival was in fact the third day of worship in most countries, including the United States, Argentina, Canada, Chile, France, India, Japan, and other countries.It is only now that our Father's Day is so unique.

Although the dates are different, the hearts of love fathers are not divided into geographical countries!Do you decide to celebrate Father's Day this year?Don't worry about it, let's first look at the people in other countries, how do you celebrate Father's Day? Give you a little inspiration!

Thailand --- Father's Day in Thailand is yellow

The Thai people held candles and dressed in the yellow dress to sing for the king, and also celebrated Father's Day.

The value of this value is at the value of the value of the value, and by the value of the value,(Tai: Happy Father's Day)

You know, the Father's Day of Thailand is December 5, which is actually Thailand's King Bhumibol Adulyadej.Adud's birthday.When the nation cheered to the King's birthday, the country's father was able to feel all the love that was full of people.

Why do you say that the Father's Day in Thailand is yellow?Because on December 5, all Thai people would wear yellow, which symbolize the royal family, and waved yellow flags to the square to bless the king.In the Yellow Sea, there is an atmosphere of great celebration.I didn't realize that in ancient China, wearing a robe was a death crime. In Thailand, the king called on the people to wear a yellow toast, which was really lovely.

And because the king has a very high status in Thais, on December 5 this day is not only the birthday of the King, the Father's Day, but also the National Day, and December 5 really is a celebration of the celebration!And we can see how Thai people respect the royal family from the festival.

Japan --- Don't worry about it, say it out loud.

Thank Daddy for coming with me. Let me go with you in the future.

My father and day clients are in the middle of the afternoon!(Day: Happy Father's Day)

Like most other countries, Japan's father's day is the third Sunday in June.

Japanese celebrate Father's Day by secretly writing a feeling to their father about their father, reading it out loud in front of the father.On this day, the Japanese who were quite polite were able to put aside their restraint and speak out on their own love for their father.

In addition, unlike the Taiwanese habit of having a habit of faking at the parents'festival, Japanese fathers liked to eat beer and spend a lot of beer on their parents' day. It was a good time to spend a lot of time with Japanese.

Germany --- Celebrates the Father's Day as a beer festival.

Parent Day also wants to dry!

Alles Gute zum Vatertag!(d: Happy Father's Day)

Germany's Father's Day is 28 May, and the Germans who have always loved to drink are naturally not allowed to give up on the good reason that Father's Day can be used to drink and drink.On this day, the German men who drank wine would drink too much, drink too much, and drink too much later. Anyway, today is the Father's Day. Who can bear the heart and will they not go?

The tradition of drinking is said to have originated in the 19th century. In the early morning of the Father's Day, German men had a tacit agreement to throw a beer into a child's trailer, or to push a large wooden barrel of beer along the way, and it would be nice to have a drink along the way.Until drunken on the ground, it is not enough to shout enough to dry another!

France --- little romance with your father

to express how much I love you in the most romantic language, Dad

Bonne f ê te des p è res!(France: Happy Father's Day)

France's Father's Day, like most countries, is the third Sunday in June.

How did the French celebrate in the Father's Day?The French children are so popular that they write poetry to their father, so they are so adorable!At the Father's Day, the child spoke out to her father, Jet ’ aime, Papa (I love your father), and I did my best to write poetry to my father, not to kneel, or to steal a love letter to my father's pocket. This day, the father of France feels full of love!

The French and French Hugo Hugo also wrote: Ler ê ve du h é ros, c' est d' ê tre grand partout et petit chez son p è re. (The hero hopes to be great in front of the crowd). It can be seen that the French love their father, regardless of their age, and regardless of their age, it is very touching!

South Korea --- parents' festival at the same time filial father and mother.

Celebrating the parents' festival together, Mom and Dad wouldn't even approve of it.

The(Han: Happy Father's Day)

South Korea, in particular, combines the parental section and Mother's Day, known as the parents' festival, and celebrate with their parents on May 8, without any distinction between you and me.South Korea still has a long way to remember the "filial piety" of traditional Confucianism, so parents' festivals are especially important for Koreans.

In fact, on May 8, it was the Mother's Day, until the unhappy fathers took to the streets in 1973 to protest, "How come we only have Mother's Day, without parental section?"" The South Korean government has decided to change the Mother's Day to the parents' festival, and to appease the unhappy fathers, and indeed, fathers will need to be taken care of!

In recent years, the way South Koreans celebrate their parents' festival is also unique, and surprisingly they have reserved their beauty clinics for their parents.The cosmetic orthopedic clinic in Seoul has confirmed that the children's appointments for parents have been full for weeks, with the injection of botulinum, facial skin, and hair growing, as a popular item for appointment.

Australia-Who is the best father to death?

Good boy, tell me if I'm a good father!

Happy Father ’ s Day!(English: Happy Father's Day)

Perhaps in the southern hemisphere, Australia's paternal line is particularly special, the first Sunday of September each year.

The Australian Father's Day, in addition to a family celebration with a small number of foreign countries, is a special occasion for the selection of a best father for his outstanding performance in the family and in society.On the one hand, it can promote the importance of family harmony, and on the other hand, it can show the importance of the father in the family.

The best father in 2011 was an award from Angus Houston, former defense chief of Australia's Defense Agency.As for this year, we will wait and see who wins the title of the best father.

In fact, the Father's Day should not be just a father's holiday. It should also be a celebration for all those who have the role of father!No matter if you are in that country, regardless of how you want to celebrate Father's Day, if you love your father's mind, your father will be happy, that is, the best Father's Day gift!

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