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Do you ever fantasize about the beautiful jewelry of the baby dolls? The new product of Logical Art "Air Tattoo" helped you achieve this wish, and also the effect of tattooing!The concept of "Air Tattoo" originated from the Logical Art designer's pursuit of the ” invisible “ design, rendering unique hollow design patterns in the form of paper sculpturing, making a series of paper carvings and styling features, and creating a "gobby" effect.

"Air Tattoo" uses the reversion of the geometric figure and the natural elements of the drip, the vine, and so on, and is designed to be a series of fantasy-style large necklaces that have all the benefits and disadvantages of the paper: strong, light, and soft.A simple color match and design that gives you "Air Tattoo" will be the focus of the entire audience!

Do you want to easily have the most fashionable hand-drawing tattooing?The Air Tattoo series enables you to wear art on your body!

HEXAGON: Hexagon with beautiful natural nudity

VINE: Like the Greek goddess, grasses, grasses, grasses and grasses.

GEOMETRY: Black geometry full of mysterious colors

DEW: Water is full of flowing water, blue and blue.

Air Tattoo (Air piercing) necklace for art

Are you worried about paper items like paper dolls? Logical Art tried for a long time, and finally found an environment that was environmentally friendly and close to bovine texture, with a light, soft, and tenacity special paper material.This paper not only can be waterproof, but also can prevent tearing. Even on rainy days, you can easily wear out without worrying about the softness of the paper necklace due to the rain and the humid.Unless you're serious about destroying the necklace, or she'll be able to accompany you to a permanent fashion!

Is it moving?Let's take a look at more of Air Tattoo, the fashion of the fashion.

Air Tattoo (air piercing) with a simple black top

blacked with white coats, with an immediate and dry air of the city

Leverage Air Tattoo's Simple Design to Easily pass through the Autumn Breath

pass through your art form with all natural elements

Special, you,

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