There are many forms of love, and we are not qualified to prevent others from loving, or to look down on the happiness that others are pursuing, just because they love them and their personalities.

We're married, all right?You want to take your hand and walk your whole life.Even if other people say we are both girls and boys.

We believe in love, to pay, to get hurt, to be brave, to be in a long way, and not to be a part of a person's rights, and to love, not to have sex.

In ancient Greece, same-sex love was a highly respected aesthetic, and many scholars, such as Herodotus, Plato and others, referred to the culture of homosexuality that prevailed in society at that time.The ancient Greeks did not treat sexual orientation as a label in modern times.

But in modern times, homosexuals are strongly labeled as heterosexual labels, heterosexuals and homosexuals, and homosexuals have begun to fight for the identity of the long journey.

Currently, same-sex marriage is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Canada, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, Portugal, and Mexico, as well as the seven states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Washington, D.C., New Hampshire, New Hampshire, and New Hampshire, New York.And Nepal is making efforts to adopt same-sex marriage laws as the first Asian country to legally recognize same-sex marriage.

We collated New York's first same-sex marriage ceremony for same-sex marriage, and recently witnessed the first example of a Buddhist wedding in Taiwan.The world is moving toward a path of love, regardless of gender.

Taiwan's first same-sex Buddhist

Same-sex marriage and Buddhism?But on August 11th, we witnessed the most perfect combination of same-sex marriage and religion.

After seven years of love, beauty and Yiting decided to take the Buddhist auditorium on August 11. Two of them were married under the aegis to replace the wedding ring and say, "I will."This is the first Buddhist gay wedding in Taiwan.The wedding brought endless hope for the gay movement in Taiwan and the legalization of same-sex marriage.

The United States and Yine are all wearing a vega wedding dress, and we are all girls, and we love each other.

Tie a sad mother, her daughter is gay, and she commits suicide in May.

Chao Hui-huei holds a wedding and strongly supports same-sex marriage.She said, "Marriage is to pull people from different blood ties together as family members. Same-sex marriage is no exception.""

In public, it is doubtful whether a Buddhist master presides over the wedding, or whether he is worried that Master Zhao-hui's comrades will cause a backlash from the Buddha world."It's an animal instinct, so there is no difference between the sacred and the sin," says the pale, "public life," and "life is not clear.""

When I told my parents, "We're getting married.""They immediately asked me, is this legal?"I can only say that the law will soon be consolidated.In fact, I do not know how fast I am going to be, but I sincerely hope that the same-sex marriage bill can be passed.

In contrast to other Asian countries, the Taiwanese society is more moderate in treating homosexuality, especially young people and metropolitan areas, and the North Pripride parade in 2009 attracted 25,000 LGBT people, the largest LGBT activity in Asia at the time.But a conservative view of homosexuality, or even unacceptable noise, still exists.

Although the gay movement in Taiwan has become more and more active, legalization of same-sex marriage has been quarrels in Taiwan for nearly a decade and has yet to be passed.As early as October 2003, the Executive Yuan introduced the draft Basic Law on Human Rights Protection, which supports same-sex marriage, and allows same-sex couples to enjoy the same rights as heterosexual couples.The Bill, however, was opposed by some members of the cabinet and members of the Legislative Council, leaving the Bill still not in the legislative process.

Let's take a look at New York's courageous struggle to legalize same-sex marriage, the future of the bay, and the path to the All love is equality.

New York legit gay marriage

In June last year, the legalization of gay marriage in New York came into effect on July 24.New York is the sixth state in the United States and the largest state to support gay marriage.A year has passed, and many people have been waiting for this little happiness for a long time because of this bill.

Let's look back at this year and look at them, and memories are moving.

two women held the first gay wedding in New York City in the early morning of July 24, when the Act into
Under the blessing of the public, take the oath, dear, we are married!"

Next day, the New York Marriage Registry is flooded with crowds of people. Even if they wait in line, people will smile.

The ability to hold hands and say that you are the person I want to spend my next life is a happy moment.

The 76-year-old Phyllis Siegel and the 84-year-old Connie Koplov wear a blue shirt, even though they are in a wheelchair, holding hands with each other and going to register as a couple.

We spent 23 years together, waiting for the hair to be white, at last.
In front of the public, it is easy to demonstrate that it is not easy to get married.

The opposition has not stopped, and we hear the angry words of their eyes, the eyes of the angry eyes,
why not, and they oppose us for happiness."

On this day, we exchanged rings and allowed for life.Can we not keep our happiness in the eyes of the people?

Womany believes that love, regardless of age, regardless of national boundaries, is gender-neutral.We have always believed that love is a common language. As long as there is a soul mate, we can understand it.Love has many forms, and we are not qualified to stop others from loving, or to look down on the happiness that others have pursued, just because they love them and their personalities.

And every one of us has the right to hold the hands of the person you love, the hand of the person you love, and the son and the old.
We insist that this is what love should look like.