Before I die, I want to travel the world.

Before I die, I want to get along with my family.

Before you die, I want to apologize for the harm I have done.

Have you ever thought, what do you want to do before you die?

" Life is too fast, so we often forget what's really important in life."

After Candy chang, an artist in New Orleans, lost his love, she began to think about death and understood the meaning of life from death.After learning about herself, she suddenly wanted to hear how other people saw the death, so there was a preliminary idea of this public art.

Everything began with the abandoned house in New Orleans.Candy Chang took a simple chalkboard and wrote down the ” of ” before he died ", so that the passerby had an opportunity to stop, pick up all the toner and fill it up, and think about himself, and before he died, there was something that couldn't be done.

next morning, she discovered that people were leaving behind their dreams and aspirations. Some wanted to see their children graduate. Some wanted to build a school. Some wanted to hold the hands of a deeply loved one, and some wanted to raise a monkey ....

The old house is no longer just an old house, it becomes a public art wall, and it provides us with the opportunity to recognize the people around us, to know more about ourselves, and to be sure that we are not alone.

Candy Chang and the Chicago City Arts Association (CUAS) and local gallery Good News Only work together to bring this interactive public art “ to every corner of the world ” before death.It is hoped that this public art will provide space for people to slow down, reflect on the current status quo, no longer resist death, and share their dreams, hopes, fears, and visions of the future.

This public art is updated daily, but will not disappear, and the sharing does not stop.Open the "Before i die" website, a fixed record of your dreams and dreams.

This plan is now successfully propagated to the Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa, and even Australia.The local people set up the chalkboards, made records, and po went online to share it with more people in different parts of the world.
It turns out that sharing is so simple.

The younger brother's wish is to end the war.

Everyone is part of public art.

Before you die, I want to know why I exist." (Before i die i want to understand why i ’ m here)

Australian walls have a unique flavor.

Peru is warm in the heart.

The Dutch wall, though in the room, is the same as everyone.

The wall of Mexico, with the full ambition of everyone.

What you want to do is really cute, raising a monkey, finding love, feeding an elephant, and the
who's going through it has a full frontal energy.

If you walk on the road, you see this wall, what do you want to leave behind?

More corners, small wishes before they die in Before i die official website to discover things that matter most to yourself in life.
I want to go to the bottom of the message and share your death with us."

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