It is often said: "The wedding is the most beautiful expression of love."But you know what?Behind every perfect wedding, there are a lot of surprises and burdensome things, and to achieve a moving wedding, it is the most important thing to do -- the marriage counselor.

It is often said: "The wedding is the most beautiful expression of love."But you know what?Behind every perfect wedding, there are a lot of surprises and burdensome things, and to achieve a moving wedding, it is the most important thing to do -- the marriage counselor.One woman, who believes that "every happiness is unique," has created a happy workshop with a creative theme of weddings. In just a year alone, hundreds of newcomers wrote their own wedding memories, and even more than 100 of them were elected to the Taiwan island.

The woman who is dedicated to delivering happiness is herself a "happy director" who believes that "happiness is a process, not a result", and that she shares her stories and happiness with the hope that she can accompany everyone in finding her own happy answers.

On weekdays, we came to the happiest workshops of her own entrepreneurial experience in the entrepreneurial pursuit of this brave dream.Just as we just arrived at the door, and when we were prepared to knock on the door, Christine seemed to have predicted the general, first opened the door, and greeted us with a sweet smile, so that we were both surprised and warm.

From the young, I love to make surprises: the vodpen of the dream

she was young, she liked to create surprises. In the course of preparations for surprise, she always imagined that she would see the look on her face. She said, " Every time I see a happy smile on my face, I feel proud and proud of it!"

addition to this, she has a great interest in psychological counseling. In the course of interviews, she also feels that, in addition to storytelling, Christine is also a person who is good at listening and guiding people to speak their own words.Perhaps there are some things that often are meant to be, in conjunction with the interest in creating surprises and psychological counseling. In the future, the foundation of the future happiness workshop for Christine is buried in a pen.

Christine, a young bride's dream, also opens her journey to dream.

Dreams from a small child: dream-to-dream

When a beautiful bride is a bride, many girls have dreamt of their dreams since childhood, and the romantic Christian instinct is no exception.From the age of three, she often dreamed of being a moving scene of the bride.As a result, she was able to prepare for the wedding, and she even became a " full-time bride-to-be …. …Is it necessary to stop the work so that we can make a wedding?"

But the wedding day, the wedding day, the wedding day, the wedding day, the wedding day, the wedding day, the wedding day, and the wedding day.

So, combining my husband's nickname, the best friend Rita and Ting, who had devoted a lot of effort to the preparation of the wedding, was born the same day that the "Hanie Bear Happiness Workshop" came true in the dream of the bride.After the honeymoon, this gentle and courageous woman suddenly resigned from the background of her original work and jumped out of the engineer's background, and began to learn to return to the country and start over.

Christine is happy with the bear bears in the workshop, and the bear bear is a symbol of the love of her husband and her husband, apart from being a representative of the happy workshop.

The hardships of entrepreneurship: brave new challenges every day

Talking about the dream of a dream and setting up a workshop, Christine recalls that in the early days it was the most difficult period. In to having to the pressures of the surrounding area and to face the hard times of the start-up companies, the lack of resources and resources, she realized, "Entrepreneurship is a new challenge to be created every day!"As a result, Christine can only force himself to grow up and wait for the opportunity to grow up and wait for an opportunity to attack him.

So she produced 4,000 copies of DM along with her start-ups and went straight to the wedding site to release, but there were no lett-out companies, even introducing companies, fliers, and releasing them many times, making team members feel frustrated.Fortunately, in the process of getting the first line of the brand into contact with the guests, they also experienced the courage of everyone, and perhaps even the public felt their sincerity. After the trip, they received nearly 30 calls to express their curiosity and reservations about the happiness workshops.

But at first it was naive to estimate the printed 4 000 DM, and after the release of the DM, there was still more than three quarters left, and Christine thought, "Since it's a bit of a release, it's better to give full play to the greatest value of publicity!"As a result, she was carrying a suitcase alone, and began to break into the streets, whether she was a wedding party or a wedding cake industry. Every company that saw a relationship with the wedding was visiting.

In the course of this process, Christine was fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with a five-star hotel, which was not easily accessible to a group of people who were not easily exposed to a five-star hotel, but rather more like a "workshop".

Brave yourself: Don't try, how do you know?

inception to the present, perhaps their own insistence on happiness has enabled them to have more than a year of opportunity to work with the Big Hotels and the bridal world magazine's most famous magazine. They are lucky to have been inspired by the encouragement of their husbands and friends, or each time a new couple has held her hands to thank her.

Back to this dream journey, Christine said that he always wanted to share with all the dreammen: "No matter how big or small, people have something to do in their lifetime, and only you know."If you do know the direction that you want to do, then go away.He laughed and said that even if he had a business to date, he would still be in a cautious battle.

, even after the dream process was more and more worried, Christine's eyes suddenly turned to firm expression: "Everyone wants to pursue a different course, and not necessarily complete one thing." Maybe only half of them have changed a road, but most importantly, "You don't go to the test, how do you know?"The company's own story shows that at the beginning of the company, it was only in its own way of insisting and thinking about happiness, and never thought that the path of destiny would lead them to achieve today's results.

The tradeoff of modern women: learn to switch roles and adapt

the course of his business, his family, friends, husband, and her husband were deeply supported, but other people's eyes and discourse still intangibles the sense of gender inequality in traditional society. For example, some people have no desire to ask: " Why don't you hurry up and have a baby?Is it that women's entrepreneurship is too busy?"

It's really hard, but it's really hard to see how she and her husband are going to adjust, "says Christine." The question of how to adapt, the family, the cause, and the answer is not a question of whether or not everyone should be tied to a fixed framework."At the same time, she believes that women should learn to adjust, change their mindset, and return home to enjoy the sweet world of two people, and to be a simple and ordinary wife. But in the course of their career, women are able to demonstrate their own abilities and take their own paths.

accompany hundreds of new people across the path of happiness, Christine says: Each moment, it is a display of happiness.

Marriage through marriage: the most connected happiness

To date, one hundred pairs of new couples walk through the wedding day, and Christine has a deep feeling: "Happiness is a process, not a result.""

For many people, marriage represents a turning point in the life stage, and the fact that the wedding ceremony is a red tape is in fact hidden behind the scenes, helping the two to transition from a single life solely responsible for their own family to the process of building a family and adapting to the family.As a result, only weddings have the chance to meet all the important people in life and the esteemed elders and the wedding day. The wedding is not only a rare occasion, but also a blessing.

However, marriage is a difficult thing for both men and women. In addition to having to experience a mood, a role change, and a premarital anxiety that comes with cognitive lag or real stress, nearly half of the newlyweds inevitably lead to arguments, loud and small, and even new comers to cancel the marriage contract.

face of each small row, there is a discrepancy between the two sides. After all, they are different individuals, and sometimes they have to face the differences. In the case of a wedding, there are more and more things to overcome in the future.

hopes to tell the newlyweds that at the moment when the two sides are in dispute, they should discuss each other's ideas, understand and understand each other, and then ask the most important questions: We are in the middle of the sea, and we are finally deciding whether to spend our entire life with each other. How can one stop the journey of happiness to two people?

Because she believes: "Happy, not just the day of the wedding, the moment of knowing that the two sides have to go to the red carpet, the preparatory process and the marriage after marriage, every moment is a manifestation of happiness."Although it may be difficult to prepare for weddings, there are a lot of happiness symbolizing the support of friends and relatives. In addition to being able to give people a sense of peace of mind, it is a strong feeling of condensation and commitment, and the two people who walk through the red carpet welcome to the tightly connected happiness.

Happiness, with a variety of patterns

Because of the belief that everyone's happiness is unique and diverse, Christine called the company "Happy" at the beginning of the company, rather than a normal wedding consultant firm, and wished to be a "happy director", hoping to be a spokesperson for happiness, and accompany each pair of newcomers to create and manage their own happiness.

As a result, the wedding consultant "Wedding" is only one of the elements she has in mind for the ideal of happiness. She has a keen interest in psychological counseling from a young age, and hopes to gradually move toward more happiness.In addition to the happiness talk and columns that have been actively involved, Love and Care activities are expected to be held regularly, such as creating new couples sharing groups, creating a more complete welfare school system, and creating a "Corner" happy space, creating a happy corner of the world.

In the course of the interview, laughter from time to time in the office of the other side, we don't feel the warmth of the inner warmth of Christ, and she's good at telling the story, and it seems to be magical, so we can barely forget the time, and the interview time is far more than expected.

Happiness, what is it? After listening to Christine's personal stories of happiness and the dream of building bravery, let us feel that perhaps these moments of warmth, which exist in the ordinary nuances, are happiness.

Text: Womany editorial/Chen son Chelsea Chen

Photo Source: Hani Bear Happiness Works, Chrisine.