" You're going to surfing, can I?"No, girls are in trouble!"" No, I'm going to follow the car." In most boys' surfing, the first surfing in Bebe, the surfer in Taiwan, was started by the following train, …

first runner-up of the World Cup Women's Amateur Plate Project in 2011 was a woman who was brave, not life, or herself. She had been surfing the road for 11 years, so that everyone could see her tenacity and enthusiasm.As the first surfer in Taiwan to go abroad, Bebe has won the women's title in Hong Kong and Thailand, and has set a record for eight of the world's top eight titles.However, for her, surfing is not limited to a competition, but she is also a life. She is now settling in the East River Village of the United States. She is dedicated to teaching children surfing, and hopes to promote the surfing and to root out the surfing movement.

The Low Tide brings a turning point

Bebe believes that falling in love with surfing is her fate, because there is nothing left, so there is a change in courage

At that time, Belle, who worked at the bar 11 years ago, was at a low ebb. At that time, she felt that she was unhealthy and uncomfortable, so he decided to quit smoking, and began to change her life with encouragement from her family." At that point, I was almost nothing!The hard work of the time, Bebe's face with a smile, because of the lack of everything, gave her the courage to start again: "Since I have nothing, how can I change it?"To Belle, she was the surfer who chose her, "At the time, there was a mysterious force that told me that we had to do it!""

At first, the family didn't understand what Bebe was doing, and she didn't get famous. She relied on her mother's support. Bebe's surfing career was not smooth sailing, but when she cried and cried, the next second would be able to laugh again!The reason is that Bebe is surfing. Surfing is the first and only thing that makes her so stubborn, because she likes surfing and adventuates herself. She decides to surf the life of her life by surfing, to move to the East China Sea to settle down, and to open a new life.

Taipei, Taipei

Bebe teaches kids surfing and hosts surfing.To Belle, to the East, to her home and love

Although Bebe was a North African child, he thought that he was a host of people from the bottom of his heart. He liked the village of Dongha, and he agreed with the local area." In fact, I never felt like I had to help the children of the help desk, because I got too much from them!Belle felt that he was not as great as everyone was saying, just doing something that was capable of doing it, and that he could make himself happy. " In the process of doing these things, I think that the meaning of life has been affirmed."

" I was lucky to be able to combine my interests, whether it was successful or not, it would be very happy to do things like that!"Bebe feels that life doesn't need anything superfluous, as long as it's a happy thing to do."When asked about the surfing milestones, Belle answered, "Don't dare say anything, because we should reduce the competition in one or two years, and the future goal is to set down a downward root action for surfing.""A lot of people will focus on the game, but I want to find more surfers, train them, and help them surf the road."I want to promote this campaign so that everyone can see the beauty of surfing. The focus is not to make money, but to do it and promote it."

The surfing beauty

Bebe passion, adventuality and shared personality have also made her surfing friends all over the world

" A lot of sports are physically and physically fit, but surfing is different, surfing and nature have very close interaction."Surfing to Bebe is a very open feeling, and is very close to nature. She surfs in a golden yellow sun and says hello to the fish who didn't care to jump onto the board."Surfing all over the world, she has friends in all corners of the world. She now says that she is proud of English and she is proud to be born in Taiwan.

" I can't imagine surfing so rich in life."The most beautiful surfing experience is the experience of six dolphins and surfers in California, and when you meet on the shore to discuss the dolphins, you can see the cute pictures coming out of the seal," Bebe eyes.In addition to the good experience of surfing with white turtles in Hawaii, for Belle, these are unexpected experiences of life after falling in love with surfing.

Belle wants to say to women

Bebe feels that courage and adventure are important.
If you don't do it, you never know what a surprise will be for us tomorrow!

" Women, do not be restricted by their own gender, have the courage to change and take a little more risk, because we never know what will happen in the future!Bebe said that he was a brave man, and because of his courage, she was willing to go surfing, change her life, and open a wonderful life journey." If you do it, you may have a good harvest, and there will be surprises. How would you know?"

For Bebe, surfing is life, because it has surfing so that she can have love, understand life, and get a lot of surprises outside of her life.The passion of Bebe's hedging waves also moved many people, because she let us know that bravely pursuit of love is the export of life!

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Mom and Belle, like sisters, know that Bebe has returned to the station, and her mother has gone to the station to pick her up.

When we visited Belle, Belle's mother was there, and she looked at her daughter's eyes. She said, "Bebe is a big fan without food, but a big fan, and we share the news that Bebe reports happily."Belle's passion for the sea is influenced by her mother. " When I was a kid, I brought their sisters to the beach. We all love the sea!"

if she doesn't understand what her daughter is doing, she always supports her daughter. She always says, "I can't help you, but as long as you like it, I'll be happy.""Perhaps the greatest courage of my daughter is this loving mother who is proud of her daughter!"