case of Taiwan's Lee Tsung-jui case, the case of volunteer and buggery in the case of adultery has sparked public outcry by saying that "it's not just a matter of interest".In recent days, US Republican Senator Todd Akin has published a legalistic rape that says women are physically defensive while being raped. In any case, women who are raped will not be pregnant.

Perhaps this is a stunning speech, but it is true that there are still many rapes of rape in society.womany has organized five of the usual rapes of rape, and there is no such thing as "emotion and original" rape.

Myth 1: When you say "Don't", it's "To"?( No Means Yes? )

When they say no, don't you think she's just shy, restrained, and welcome?If you still have this idea, please be careful, you are still in such a myth!

When the two sides are in close relationships with friends, relatives, lovers, spouses, it is easier to think of this myths because they have a certain familiarity with each other, and they do not think that they will refuse.But remember, sex is not the whole of love. You don't have to force yourself to prove your love for him. Everyone has the right to own their own body, not to mention the autonomy of the sex. If you don't even touch or violate your personal consent, it will be deemed to be an offence.

Brave to say no, not to be sorry for the brutality of each other's life.

Myth 2: The victim enjoys a raped process?( If It ’ s Inevitable, Just Enjoy It?

"Rape is like a rainy day and can't avoid hiding, so the victims may be able to deal with it better."Clayton was in front of a group of cowboys, electioneers and reporters in 1990.Williams, at the time, was the Republican governor of Texas, likened the rape to the air and made such a frenzzed speech.

Many pornography, porn, and even readers have been set up as feminists, often seeing women being sexually assented, from the constant fear of rejection, to the performance of the enjoyment, and to the fact that the perpetrators or the public will believe in the true situation of society.

these are only the plot arrangements. In fact, no one will enjoy the process of rape. In addition to the brutality that has been inflicted on her body, it is hard to restore the spiritual life of the mentally ill.

has been raped, as if the heart was empty, how can it still be enjoyed?

3: No rape in marriage?(Marital Rape Could Be a ‘ Legal Weapon ’?

Do you think sex is a "obligation" or "right" for marriage?In the past patriarchal social structure, the wife was only the husband's private property and the "tool" of the offspring, so it would not be unlawful to force the husband to exercise sexual relations.The rise of women's rights in the 1960s had led to a gradual break in the patriarchal concept of patriarchal society, as women became more independent.But in the current marriage, "rape" is still possible, but it makes marriage a pretext for rationalization of rape.

More and more countries are now setting up laws on "marital rape", and Taiwan is no exception, and victims of marital rape can be protected by law.When you are mentally and physically unpleasant, don't be afraid. Please stand up bravely, because you have absolute reasons to accuse him of evil.


be a reasonable excuse to rape?

Myth 4: Is it a little more than welcome rape?(Women incite men to rape?


(The Accused, 1988), the heroine Jodie Foster was wearing a hot dance in a bar, a move that caused a number of great longs, even though she explicitly said No and she was brutally brutally beaten.She complained to these men in court: "This is what you got, and what qualifications do you have to sue these people?"Don't waste the country's judicial resources."

Someone who wears a few victims is "self-looking" and thinks that they also have to be held responsible for the number of points they are victimized.Is there a way to wear a little more than a raping welcomeIn this democratic society, the freedom of the individual is long overdue, and no matter how it is, it cannot be justified as a justification for rape.

Myth 5: Only women will be raped, not men?(Men can't be raped? )

If you hear a man say, " I was raped last night."What would your reaction be?"You might be surprised, because in the violent cases in society, the victims we see are mostly women, but don't we have a male victim?

In fact, data points out that the number of male and female victims in Taiwan is about one to six, but this is just the data on the table. More men are still victims of rape. They choose to be silent because they are found to be more likely to be labeled as "no more men" than men who are strong.

Both men and women are likely to be victims of rape and myths.

No one looks forward to being a victim of rape, except for physical injuries, because of the untrue myths that allow the rape to be supported, and the psychological suffering of the subject of the second degree.In addition to hoping to break the usual rape myth, womany hopes to give more courage to the victims, so that you know that you have absolute reasons to defend your body and rights!


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