Encountable a new tea party to buy tea

[Scenario One]

Today, you finally want to buy tea for the first time, and then go home and drink, and you are looking forward to a strange tea business, and you are hesitant to buy black tea from a famous tea shop two days ago, or to shake the tea shop every day, and the tea is dazzled.

[scenario two]

Finally, you can finally catch your breath and go to the mountains with your friends to play.In a crowded and noisy shop, you are looking for good companions and souvenirs in the dazzle, farm-craft and handicrafts.As a result of the local tea production, you decided to take a gift of tea, or give it to your own boss, or to share it with your colleagues at rest.So you walked into a tea shop that looked like a good one ...

The two scenarios described above are probably the most common encounters experienced by a friend who bought tea for the first time, and the plot has developed as follows:

Tea Boss approached you enthusiastically, enquired about your needs and introduced their family's trademark tea, and at the same time, he treated you to sit down and take out a collection of elegant purple sand tea set, and began to buy the tea that you would like to buy or recommend.During the tea-making process, he introduces the characteristics of his own tea, using a variety of professional terms such as tea, fermentation, and baking. On the one hand, he will explain a little bit about the secret of buying tea, tea selection, and even more explaining the way tea is used.Too many tea, too much knowledge is dazzling, and that sweet and simple purple sand pot makes you even more drunken by your breath.After the boss gave you a friendly discount and a small gift, the last remaining time you had to pay for the purchase was, "The first time you bought tea, you'd have a good shopkeeper and a good tea, would you buy a little more?"You're happy to leave the tea, and you're lucky to be so lucky that you're going to come to the store next time you buy tea, and I look forward to going home and sharing this little adventure with friends and friends.

In case you're lucky enough, you can really be proud to share this little adventure with your friends and friends, and become a regular customer of the tea party, and even to be happy.But you will only look at the cup of tea that you have come out of, wondering if you can't make tea, why isn't it better than drinking tea in the tea party?Or even bitterness?

diversity of Taiwan's tea itself, the effects of climatic conditions on tea, and the process of tea-making, which are different from different types of tea, have already set a high threshold for tea-selected tea.It is not easy to buy a tea expert, and it is necessary to have considerable experience and a way to buy a cup of tea that matches the quality of the tea.But if only the new beginners hope to learn how to recognize the health and how to soothe the tea they drink, they only need to have a few tricks.

Opening a skylight and opening a day to learn how to make a good tea.

First, we first try to learn how to identify tea.Here is one of the most commonly used tea-making methods used in tea growers and tea-makers: "Bowl," which is "Bowl".Bowl is not the best way to make tea or drink tea, but it is the stage that gives the tea the most honest expression of its own posturing.

Some items need to be prepared: porcelain dish, porcelain bowl, porcelain soup spoon, porcelain cup.The reason why all of the porcelain is porcelain is that it is not odorless, it does not affect the tea, it is more capable of distinguishing the flavor of tea.Next, prepare a pot of boiling water to make tea later.In the process of boiling water, we can already start trying tea.

Look at the appearance, color, and fragrance of the tea first

the size of the tea is too large, it is very likely that the tea can be mixed with the bad.Secondly, is the drying of tea bright?If the tea is dried and ash is not glossy, then perhaps the tea has metamorphic or tea-making process problems.If tea can be easily kneaded, then the tea leaves dry and fresh, and if the soft and soft are soft, then the tea will have been affected.finally, pouring the boiled water into a ceramic bowl to perform an ironing bowl, pouring the water and pouring the tea in the ceramic dish into the bowl.At this point, the hot air in the bowl will drive the fragrance of the tea, and it will take a deep breath in the bowl to take a deep breath, and smell the fragrance of the tea.If the tea is smelly, smelly, smelly, smelly, and so on, it makes people uncomfortable. Then don't drink it.

Look at the tea soup again

Pour the water into the bowl, waiting for about five minutes until the tea leaves are fully extended.After the tea leaves, the tea leaves can be slightly aside and the tea leaves are bright and bright. If the tea soup appears to be dark and dark, or there is a lot of sediments or suspended substances, the tea may not be able to drink.Next, the tea should be slightly stirred and slightly stirred. The fragrance of the tea should be more obvious. After hearing it, the tea should be slightly waving, and then close to the nose.

Three-rated tea soup taste

Drink the tea into the cup, and then you can observe the tea soup again, and then try to drink it slowly and slowly.After the tea is imported, it must be fragrant, sweet, sweet, and have bitter taste after drinking, but the taste is not sweet, but the flavor of the tea may not be sweetened.If the tongue has a thorn in its tongue, and even feels that tea is different, please don't drink it, because there may be an unknown additive or artificial spice.After trying to drink a few cups of tea, pouring the water into the bowl again, we will wait until this bowl of tea is cooled, and then we will try the tea again.

Four-look-the-leaf bottom

In the case of a master, the leaves can recognize the variety of tea, the degree of fermentation, or even the origin, but those are too complex.Here we only talk about the type of tea that is at least safe and healthy to grow.First, you scoop some tea with the spoon, and use your hands to rub the tea with your hands, and pull it lightly.The tea leaves should be flexible, tenacious, and tea texture should be the same as living leaves, and they should be touched by the zizi-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki-ki.If tea leaves are not smooth, too dry or easy to tear, the problem may be that the tea is grown and the tea is produced. If tea is kneaded, the tea leaves are easily kneaded into the shape of the tea, or it may be a serious deterioration or an additional chemical product.

Try again to cool the tea soup again

When the fresh tea soup cooled, we would then make the last tea test.Why have the tea been soaked for so long?It's gonna be a lot of bitter.It is true that the long period of tea leaves will cause the tea's own catechin to be over-released, leading to a more aberrations, but the tea leaves will also be more apparent if they have other later additives.In this step, the real good or bad of a tea is to be clear, and this is where the essence of the tea is to learn.Try drinking tea again. If you feel the tea tastes heavy, or even slightly bitter when you warm the soup, it may not be suitable for drinking; if you feel that the tea is even more bitter, sweet taste is even clearer and even still unbitter, then congratulations on the tea that you can really drink very well.

Believe in your talent

fact, whatever the way the store is making tea, we can only take a few tricks in the process to determine whether the tea leaves are healthy and quality: look at the tea's appearance and fragrance, observe the taste of the tea, taste the sweet taste of the tea and taste the sweet taste of tea, and see whether the leaves are healthy or not.When trying tea in a tea shop, they can also ask the store to have a small amount of tea, and to immerse themselves for a little bit longer, to taste the real flavor of the tea.The most important thing is to believe in the talent of your body.If the tea requires training, it is instinctively instinctive to the body and the sky. If the body is found to be unwell in the course of tea, please stop trying tea. The tea must contain the material that you do not want to absorb.

Tea will repay your tea with the best posture.

Compared to coffee and red wine with a strong flavor, the taste of tea is more exquisite.Therefore, in the process of pincha tea, attentive, patience and focus are not small. This is why tea and Chan finally converbus together.The first complete tea-testing process is about 30 minutes, and within 30 minutes, you let yourself rest quietly in every step and the tea fragrance, and the tea in the bowl will pay you back in the best and changing, 10,000-to-a-thousand.Come on, drink tea!

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