What do you do when you suffer sexual harassment and abuse?Dear, the following articles help you understand the resources that can help you.

implementation of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act so far has not been much of a major complaint. It seems that this statute is not a high value for practical application.In fact, there are not many complaints about sexual harassment. The main reason lies in the fact that sexual harassment is not easy to prove on ambiguous lines, and that the pressure of interpersonal relationships makes this regulation a mere slogan, with a view to education and no punishment.

Sometimes we wear sexy, and not all of them. It's like enjoying the Venus figurus. Some people think of the carvers' craft, others think of the "A" movie that was seen last night, and the Venus was in the same shape.In short, the determination of sexual harassment is in fact the "state of mind" of the "harassers"; it is also difficult to make evidence of sexual harassment because of the state of mind of the "molestator".

In the workplace, in life, it is hard to define sexual harassment, and it often makes us do nothing.Let us make a gradual process of sexual harassment through the law and give us more power to protect ourselves!(Recommended reading: affecence is bound!What about sexual harassment at the workplace?

STEP 1: What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is the most basic definition of sexual harassment, sexual harassment, verbal, and so on. In addition, it is not you. I want to exchange interest for sexual activity, such as the use of power to demand sexual services, and to expose publicity materials to offending people, such as forcing others to watch A, porn or even article sexual harassment.

STEP 2: How do you regulate sexual harassment?

20 of the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act Mingding: " For a person who is a person of sexual harassment, a fine of NT$ 10, 000 or less is fine for a person who is under the jurisdiction of the municipality or county (city).In addition, pursuant to Sexual Harassment Prevention Act 25 : "Intention to Sexual Harassment is a person who is less than 2 years' imprisonment, a detention, or a new NT$ 100,000 fine for kissing, hugging or touching his hip, chest, or other physical privacy."The crime of the former is to be made to the Naima.The victim of a sexual harassment may, in addition to the assistance of the relevant law, appeal to the responsible authorities, forces, schools, institutions, employees or municipal authorities within one year of the event.

STEP 3: What do you think of sexual harassment?

A group of people who love sexual harassment is more likely to experience bad media absorption and experience (erotic information) in the course of adulthood. Of course, too many inappropriate messages have been received after reaching adulthood, and slowly turn to middle-aged middle age wolves.As to what these bad news comes from, why is it so rampant? It is also related to the strict control of the Government in the multimedia industry and whether the guardian is well-educated.

There are, however, a more specific type of sexual harassment, which is the "no person is innocent" type.In fact, they are also innocent. They are naturally not separated from the opposite sex. They are ordinary things to them. They even embrace kisses and cheek to express their enthusiasm, concern, and behavior in their country. But for a country that is more conservative, it is a violation of my personality and physical body.

The famous actor, Richard Gill, in an Indian campaign, may not be able to understand the local folk culture, and in order to raise the atmosphere at the scene, kiss the hand of the Indian hostess on the dance platform and then hug the hostess and kiss the cheek.The success of Riczagil actually worked, not just the onsite "", but also the national "outrage" of the Indian people, which seriously went to the Indian District Court to issue an arrest warrant for him to serve his sentence in a prison in India.

This is the difference between the popular culture and the concept, and the behavior of Richardi is considered a passion, friendly, and happy behavior in a more open country. But in conservative countries, there is a crisis in the presence of armed extremists who are in danger of turning into a target.

STEP 4: Eight Big Etech for Paid Sexual Harassment

In addition to the harassment of sexual harassment, we can also learn to protect ourselves, protect ourselves, and prevent violations.Let them become your panacea for the following eight great tricks!


The shy people can choose to transfer their location, stay away from the sick, or get out of the car early; powerful, especially those wearing high-heeled shoes, stomp on his toes and stomp on him!{\fnCronos Pro Subhead\fs10\shad0\1cH00FFFF {\fnCronos Pro Subhead\fs10\bord0\shad0\1cH00FFFF {\fnCronos Pro Subhead\fs10\bord0\shad0\1cH00FFFF {\fnCronos Pro Subhead\fs10\bord0\shad0\1cH00FFFF {\fnCronos Pro Subhead\fs10\bord0\shad0\1cH00FFFF

Recruit Two:

It is recommended that when a female compatriot takes a bus, as far as possible, do not expose the ” “ of the back to the person behind. The side-standing station can observe the movements of people on the side of the body, and not be attached to the body, and prevent harassment and bandits.(Of course, the skirt is short, no one should be violated

Recruit three:

If you are drinking water, you can turn back on his face; if you are on a string of fire, you will turn your back on his face and burn him. If you are patting him up, he will be harassed on his face when he is covered with his face, and he is also harassed.

Recruit 4:

Let's look at him and smile at the right angle and kick him with his right knee. Remember, you can still make a sweet smile at this time!

Type 5:

When a girl leaves the door, it is best to carry a small electric shock rod and a whistle and so on, so as to prevent robbery or harassment.


Seek support and help for the people around them is important.If I'm embarrassed to cry wolf, we can even yell “ the thief ”, and everybody hates the pickpocketing, and it is possible to borrow it “ the salted pig hand ”(Sibling: Violence in intimate relationships, how do the sisters protect you?


Child protection.Some of the "brackish pigs" have chosen a small number of students to do so. These children are so timid that they dare not make a sound after being harassed. After being harassed, they are extremely vulnerable to psychological harm.As a result, parents and teachers should teach their children how to prevent the "salty pig hand", and usually pay attention to the mood changes of the children, and discover that problems have been brought up in time.

Recruit 8:

Go to the meter.Experts point out that all confrontation behavior should be premison on guaranteeing the safety of their own lives.If a single person is clearly at a disadvantage, he can choose to get out of the car and get rid of the "brackish pig hands". If the "brackish pig hand" continues to follow the train, then you can get 110 to help.

Do you have a better understanding of sexual harassment?In normal times, understanding and coping with the relevant legal knowledge and methods should allow us to make little panic when we encounter sexual harassment, and give more protection to our own forces!

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