The 15-day exhibition period from 9/14 to 9/23 -The Power of Forward was finally launched at the grand lavage today at the Hubou Pavilion!Although the weather was not beautiful, it began pouring rain in the morning, but womany was still robbing at 10 a.m. and arrived at the scene. We were very excited, and I can't wait to share with you what was really interesting!Here, let us be a little tour guide. Let's take you to look at the actual situation in the exhibition room!

Zone Themes

This exhibition area is mainly composed of 10 major design themes, and is interpreted by designers from various fields in the country. These latest works represent not only the personal style of the designer, but also the various kinds of insights and referrals for FLOW.

Architect's Planning and Planning ?> , you have to start thinking,
Is it a positive change, or a negative effect, to what the smart products bring to you?"

There are some areas in the morning that are working hard to hurry to work. If you have, don't forget to cheer them up!

The small space of a grid is laid out in good use, and careless shopping in several circles in it.

is to make people take pictures of it.

In addition to the basic art exhibitions, there are also various interactive games that allow you to take photos of Chang Chi, pick up a card, and then go home again!

Rising Star design star power selection

This exhibition has raised the outstanding entries from all over the world, regardless of professional background, or whether you are a class or a student, focusing only on the design concepts and quality of each piece of work, and hope to discover more of the creative energy of the new generation of designers!

The toilet paper used in the toilet can also be used to make a notebook, so you want to try and write it ~

3x3 Design Show Design Industry Image

This area is a collection of designer teams at home and abroad, design brands, and enterprise organizations, each presenting their representative merchandise and latest works. Not only will you be able to understand new friends in the design brand in this region, but also give you the opportunity to drill into conversations, interactions, and creative ideas of each brand!

domo STUDIO's signboard "tofu" bottom home!

When you're a child, it's a piece of wood that is made of real material. It's fun to see, it's good to smell, it's a good collection.

Designers are not more than bio-active products, and good clothes are also designed to be displayed!

Serena Chen with a crisper style and a fresh style,
I have the opportunity to chat with her in the week of the designer talk to her.

Challenge Your Visual Sentiment!The package on the comic strip comes from JumpFromPaper

TOAST Look at the new product to market!Only the Designer Week in Taiwan ~

It's not important to be half-thirsty, and there is also a sweet, sweet, top natural honey in the exhibition .

Take haoshi a swiftlet clock, and you might have a chance to bring it home!

TWDW Present General Assembly Theme

This is the first time that a Taiwanese designer has planned an exhibition on the theme of the General Assembly for the first time. Twenty designers have joined together, all of which have been the designers of the past five years in the design of the designer of Taiwan's designer.If you want to understand the various possibilities of FLOW, this exhibition area must surely step into it!

Behind every design work has its own story and meaning, and needs you to come together and find it.

end of the week of the designer's weekly press conference, Liu Weigong, director of the Taipei City Cultural Bureau, also came to the scene to release his support for the designer's week.

Taiwan designer Liao Junhao, convener of the Taiwan designer, told the opening news conference that the team would be grateful.

This year, the designer of this year is hosting the museum, symbolating a new starting point. It also shows an unprecedented pattern. In the future, the designer will be the largest designer in Taiwan. It is not just to provide a channel for the Taiwanese people to know the design. It is also hoped that the creative energy of Taiwan designers will be able to board the international dance platform and be seen by the world!

Weigong, director of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, also stressed that this conference theme "stream" is a platform that enables the designer to "communicate" between designers and designers. The most important thing is that the design itself is a kind of "rheological" process, and that the new design is needed.

champagne ceremony by
Weigong, the head of the cultural bureau, and Zhou Yujun, the curator of the General Assembly's theme exhibition.

leaving …

At the end of the exhibition, there is also a great area of seating space that can be temporarily closed, and even table and chairs are very designed to be designed!There is also a display of all kinds of design books that can be displayed or read in the window!

Beside specially designed this message wall, select the color you like, loudly say your love of design!

womany is also here to take a tour. ~ We are no good at this annual design gala!

We say more, not as much as you can move to the exhibition room.The first weekend of the Taiwanese designer week is coming!Take a good look at the next few days, and feel the glamorous charm of the design at the scene of the competition.Everyone wants to go to the designer's week, how can you not follow the wave?

[Spend womany on the Taiwanese designer week

This year, while womany did not set up a booth in the design week, it was in fact quietly hiding in it.

We designed three different lunar calendar cards, and from October to December, we introduced three good partners. The calendar card also has its own small number, and the people who get it will know!We're going to collect it so that womany will be with you until the end of the year ~

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Text: Womany EC/Chen Ghaying Joanne Chen