the few years, the most basic foods and preparation tools have been baked in the night sky, and this year it is a good time to have a full moon.

Since everyone's needs are not the same, it is difficult to give the most comprehensive advice, but the following are described as elegans. It is definitely a good thing that you can't buy at a regular supermarket once, and you have a lot of good design and practicality.

1. Roast is not just meat

In the middle autumn, the atmosphere is good, and no matter how alcohol is not alcohol, the wine bag that you carry when you go to the dinner is also an object of the same type.In addition, the juicy-juicing machine is actually a good focus tool at the party. In fact, if you invite men in the room to provide fresh squeezed juice, you can show you how much you can get your hands off the surface of the barbecue.

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prerequisite tea cup

As for the cup, if you want to avoid cup washing, you can actually have a bit of environmental protection, such as the tea and wine glass cups of the following figure, so that you don't have to change the cup for a guest who wants to drink two drinks.


the can be directly written on environmental-friendly bags, it will not be lost again. After buying a favorite food item, it is also important to forget other kitchen containers.On the other hand, although the newspapers are really good, they should be put in use by the gadgets, heat insulation pads, and garbage bins. For the purpose of maintaining a graceful time, it is also very important to get accustomed to getting accustomed to the BBQ meal.

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n't rely on rubber

After you've eaten, it's hard to avoid having to finish eating, so it's best to prepare an interest before grill. You can easily unpack and seal it quickly, and you don't have to be finished eating food, and you don't have to rely on the ugly rubber band again.

3. Return to indoor candle

In the moonlight, it was difficult to cook until later. If you asked people to take a bath and sit down and sit down and chat, you might as well simply ask everyone to move to the room, and then to put on a .

Give your friends a midnight snack, and you can use a nice little box of candles.

Do not bake , See more Mia on Mid-Autumn Festival .

Mid-Autumn moon and a circle of people!

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