Some people like no cloud,

Some people want to wait for a rainbow;

Or, you can try to create it yourself.

A rainbow hanging around the sky in normal times, the world seems to be empty and monotonous if it is less than any color.The same is true of our lives. From time to time, we need some stimulus and experience to enrich it. Otherwise, it will start to feel bored and become bored. If you are not careful, you can become a black and white man!

But the rainbow doesn't have every day, and the happy and hum days will come out of nowhere. Instead of waiting in the same place to pray for the heavens, you might as well learn to create a rainbow and paint yourself with colors to paint themselves.

Want to have a rainbow life, we propose to start with "Accessories" and "Life supplies" and start with your most intimate everyday objects, and your inner world can be fresh, no longer empty!

to dress, I want rainbow

Usually if you see a person on the road, like Skittles Rainbow Candles, you probably think that he's not a child, that is, it's adorable, it's a mess, and you can't figure out where you're going to be.But this year, Christopher Kane, in his "Resort" series of 2012, heavily used the Rainbow elements to challenge the combination of the rainbow and fashion, making one of the eyes bright!In addition to a complete set of colourful rainbow suits, the work has not only balanced the visual stimulation of the seven colors, but also gives a bright light to the rainbow of the rainbow.

Christopher Kane 2012 Spring Summer RESORT Series 1/2

Christopher Kane 2012 Spring Summer RESORT Series 2/2

Also this year, Jeremy Scott signed an "Rainbow Keyboard" with Longchamp, using a global style of civilian fashion package --- Le Pliage, which comes from today's computer-and-web-rich computer and keyboard, symbolically to symbolize the color of each day, enter the seven colors, enter the same color, and then a different color scheme.

2012 Autumn Winter Jeremy Scot x Longchamp Rainbow Keyboard Bab (Front)

2012 Autumn Winter Jeremy Scott x Longchamp Rainbow keyboard pack (rear)

If you want to put a rainbow on a wardrobe, you might as well collect a variety of different colors, and you might as well have an extravagant and lavish red color that is suitable for appointment or formal occasions. The bright blue color will make the color of the color of the colors clearer.Apart from hats and sunglasses, the ornaments can also be used to tie a knot or a couple of rabbit ears to a high horse tail. The long hair can be used to dress up a high horse and change the shape of a tall horse.

(upper left to right) 7crash heart-shaped mesh-goddess CRASH / luxurious
Multifunction party hair band-tiger / fluorescent violet / Leopard / Highlighting

The part of the jewelry class makes the rainbow necklace a blank in the chest, as if the cloud in your heart is being spread out, and after it's fine, you can smile!

(upper) Serena Chen Rainbow necklace /(lower right) Clear Necklace

As for the package, we picked up a series of two rainbow-colored packages, a big bag of bags, a comic book bag, a comic book bag, a lively and interesting cartoon, and even a little bit of fun!

(upper left to right) Passion Red Big Package , Blue Boston
Bucket Pack , Purple Small Packages , Green schoolbags

(upper left to right) JumpFromPaper First Date pack , iHola! Euler
Bonjour! Good Morning Package , Play Hareder has a bag , Afternoon Tea tea

is a rainbow style

In addition to wearing it on your hand, there are a lot of everyday objects that you never carefully observed, and you can find the traces of the rainbow in them.Liz Jones, founder of a design studio in Australia, likes to collect everyday objects from the seaside and rivers from the seaside and rivers, as of seven colors, and pieced together to make a beautiful rainbow art.

2012/9/20 Liz Jones updates from the Melbourne stream, Darein Creek, after returning

But you don't have to wait for things to be lost in the glory of the rainbow. Now, the kitchen and the living room of the house need you to make a good look at the same.Whether it's trash can, flavoring tank, or even a fruit-squeezing machine, there is a whole set of small helpers to work for you. You don't have to worry about a whole bunch of family matters. How can you worry about seeing a whole piece of rainbow?

(upper left to right) Qualiy star music canister , jack pepper salt canister , Mr. Pepper and Mrs.
Torn Juice , Colour Opener , Small Tale-

the fall, when you quietly come to report, you will not be afraid of the cold. You have a six-color vacuum cup, and you will be prepared to take care of your body for a week.On Monday, work is more enthusiastic than roses. On Tuesday, the carrot supplements the carrots. On Wednesday, he flips with a cup and a kiss. He wears a tight leather jacket on Thursday. It makes efficiency like a volcano rest after breaking out on a Friday. It's a weekend to do it gracefully.

(upper left to bottom right) mugthing winegrofoam cup , carrot cup , day-to-day thermal
Warm warm cup , porcelain imitating vacuum cup , Abstinence warm cup

If you are accustomed to using a mug friend, then let the small snail bring you two groups of twelve colors. In addition to your life, I encourage you not to give up on going forward because dreams are just ahead of you.

Soulfun Party snail-cup dish

(dazzling: red, green, dark green, yellow, purple, dark blue; freshness: orange, blue, black, gray, white, powder)

At present, the mobile phone has been integrated into the daily necessities of life. If there is a whole set of rainbow mobile phone shells that can be changed at any time, then the mood will be with shiny.In addition to the color itself, the SWAROVSKI crystal is embedded in the head and is even more shiny. The mobile phone shell is dedicated to the pursuit of unique and unique you, so that you can make your own eyes and show yourself.

(upper left to right)
LUCIEN iPhone4 Fashion Splendid CANDY Series - Red , Orange , Yellow , Green , Blue ,

If you don't go on the crystal path and want to be a naughty boy, this set of rainbows will definitely be strong, not afraid of falling. Let's play bold!

Arkwhat ARKHIPPO I iPhone 4/4S cell phone anti-crash protection shell

Finally, how can you make your rainbow life more complete?Then we must not have enough "eat" enough!In the Medan, one of the most beautiful coffeehouses in Medan, the "Roemah Kopi Wak Noer" is said to have a signboard and Rainbow Cake, six of which represent six kinds of fruit, and the outer layer is made of chocolate and seven-colored sugar beaded.

The Rainbow Kopi Wak Noer of the Medan Coffeehouse Cafe (droit water ~)

Rainbow is a rainbow before the rainbow

There's a saying that says, " Life is like a rainbow, we need sunlight and rain to make it appear."

(Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.)

The obstacles in life, such as the rain and the heavy rain, are as long as we can get through these difficult times, just as the garden below the rain is no longer suffocated. Instead, it seems to be a fresh breath of fresh fragrance, but it is a simple and simple shaman.

fragrant candle in the Sniff

While pursuing the rainbow life, please don't forget,

Some people love red, some love green, and no one is right about who, and who is the same as who.

As long as you discover and understand with your heart, you can also find some people like you.

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life "some" different!

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Text: Womany EC/Chen Ghaying Joanne Chen

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