Do you remember the romantic weddings in those romantic films? wedding, usually accompanied by a deluxe feast or a minivan with an old canned jar strapped to the rear of the car.The world has a tradition of celebration of marriage. The United States holds nearly two million marriages every year. On average, each cost is 30,000 US dollars (nearly a million dollars).You can find that marriage is an important event in life!The following womany will show you the happiest gesture of the bride and brides all over the world on the day of the wedding!

On July 6, in Amman, Jordan, the brides were whispered to their groom at their wedding.
the same day, Islamic Philanthropy held a grand marriage ceremony for 46 pairs of Jordanian and Syrian couples who were unable to afford expensive weddings

May 1, Xian, Shanxi, and Xian, Newlyweds, wear the Han dynasty dress.
total of 130 pairs of partners came from all over China to participate in this grand Chinese wedding.

On June 17, the center of the Siberian city of Novosibirsk held an annual Bride to Review the March march.
100 young married women dressed up in their wedding dress, and
once again experienced the beauty of their wedding day."

On June 17, in a church in Manila, the Philippines,
a lovely couple of Filipino newlyweds are making cute faces on their phones."

On 29 April, Gulzar Ahmad Khatna, a new groom of Kashmir, was riding his horse from the wedding to his home.Gujjars is a member of a semi-nomadic herdsman in the Indian states of Kashmir, the Himachal Pradesh state, where the goat, sheep, and buffalo are being fed by a long road in the summer to find the best pasture and settle in the winter.

On October 5, Pakistan's groom Sohtra and his bride Shabana Gill
in a Christian church in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad for the future.

On August 31, Ana Borjas (75) kissed her husband Luis Garcia (87),
a 412-year marriage ceremony in Honduras.

On May 10, North and a group of countries were guarding the wooden planks to prevent them from falling, allowing newlyweds to take photographs with peace of mind.
This grand wedding, hosted by the Minister of Defense, Gao Huazhu, has 264 partners in the same way.

Next we come to the royal wedding in Brunei.
23 September, Muzaini Ruzaini and Princess Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah recite prayer at the palace in the city of Sribakavan.The Princess Hafizah Sururul Bolkiah is the daughter of the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, one of the richest in the world.

On August 11, the first same-sex marriage ceremony was completed in Taiwan, the United States, and Yetting, where same-sex marriage has not yet been legal.The two men happily witnessed the happiness of the Buddha under the witness of Buddha.

Jason Welker and Scott Everhart, who accepted a friend's photography in front of a comic book store.To celebrate the birth of the first gay couple in the superhero world, they chose to complete their own wedding at the comic book store.

A Peruvian prisoner and his bride had a photo taken before a man's prison in Peru.About ten couples have completed weddings in the prison, which is an important activity to help the inmates return to society.

Mayanda Abud, a Syrian-born bride, is preparing for her wedding across the ruling line.The wedding, through the help of the International Committee of the Red Cross, is going to look for happiness in Syria, from Syria to areas ruled by Israel.

A Jewish groom and a rabbi were dancing, and his bride was seen at the scene.At this traditional wedding, the entire community and family members will dance to the bride at the end of the wedding.

The Syrian rebel forces Abu Khaled and his bride Hanan were exchanging rings at the wedding, and the two men met in the wedding to look after the wounded groom and found their lives in the war.

The bride Meredith Lewelen is preparing to celebrate her wedding in a descending manner with a high altitude rope.

Fran Calvo and Monica Fraiile from Spain, fish are surrounded by aquariums to celebrate the wedding.

Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera and his bride Claudia Fernandez waved to the crowd on a traditional shallow boat named Totora.The ceremony was held in traditional places where the ancestors were used to observe the heavens 3,000 years ago.

On October 6, Bolivian wives gathered in a local marriage ceremony held by the government.Most married couples have been married long ago, but have been longing for a traditional Bolivian wedding.

A pair of Mongolian newcomers left the Mongol Parliament behind the Mongolian Parliament, and a Mongolian soldier was quietly eyeglasses.

On May 26, a group of flower children revolved around the Ghanaian New Person who was taking pictures of the New Year's Eve.

In New York, Roland Davis and Lena Henderson completed their second wedding.They were divorced 50 years ago, and on 4 August this year they decided to work together again.

On July 1, a group of Indian families sat in their seats to prepare for the wedding ceremony.The ceremony was held by a social group to help couples who cannot afford high costs to complete their lives.

A newly married couple in Iraq congratulated the security guards of the security outposts on the extended bus to the wedding site.

May 19, a couple in Kansas who showed their fearless love before the tornado.

The Romanian brides are dancing around the Arc Bucharest, which is a key replica of the customs of Romania's bride-stealing, modeled after the building of the Arc de Arc de Paris.The bride-stealing is a very old evening ceremony in Romania, and is still prevalent today.

On August 8, when the southwest monsoon brought rain to the streets of Manila, the happiness of Ramonito Campo and his wife Hernelie Ruazol Campo was all over the street.Despite the flooding that hit Manila's capital and nearly nine provinces, the new couple's pursuit of happiness remains unobstructed.

The groom and the bride are the happiest gesture of the wedding.In the 7 billion population, they met each other and completed the best moments of their lives in the most desirable way.

Look at the happiness they emit, do you also want to get married?

Happiness is at your

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