Is there a problem with hair loss, hair loss, gloss, and lack of gloss?Do you know this is related to your "viscera"?

Hair FAQs with hair loss, hair loss, or white hair.In addition, for women, the hair is not glossy, dry and difficult to comb, thin, easy to break, easy to break, damage to hair, and hair forks, and the headaches are also troublesome.And this part is also one of the areas where Chinese medicine should be used.

Traditional Chinese medicine seems to have a high degree of handicrafts, only to look at the face of a patient to accurately determine where the patient is ill. In fact, it is necessary to look at the color of the face, the color of the tongues, the color of the nails, and the gloss of the hair, so that the viscera and blood of the patient can be presumed.As a result, the viscera or blood line status is reflected in the hair.Only with smooth blood circulation and healthy viscera function can it have a healthy and beautiful hair.(Recommended reading: Blow hair is more important than you think!The Three Secrets of the Winter on the Winter Solo: )

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Has nutrition reached the root of the hair?

Of course, hair quality is closely related to external factors such as ultraviolet, cleaning, and living environment, but it is closely related to the factors in the body if it is possible to provide sufficient nourishment or nourishment.Anomaly hormones, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, poor nutritional status, or physical discomfort due to stress or stress affect hair quality.

If the body is ill-fit, malnourished, or blood-malised, the hair will dry up and lose its gloss.Malnutrition, combined with environmental change or stress, can easily fall off the hair and even have a circular depilation.The white hair has kidney deficiency, such as over-exhaustion, chronic disease, or heredity. It causes weak physical strength and low endocrine functions. There are also many people who are weak in the gut and have obvious white hair when they are young.

A 32-year-old man was very concerned with his white hair, so he came to receive medical attention.Although his hair is not fragile, his hair in the back of his head is quite obvious.A few Chinese medicines have been taken, and the diagnosis results are both a kidney deficiency and a prescription for the prescription of a prescription for improving the kidney deficiency.The result of diagnosis is a type of easily diarrhoea, not easy to be fat, and a weak gastrointestinal function.

This patient, in addition to taking the medicinal ingredients of the party ginseng, bighead atractylodes rhizome, and Ku Ling, also suggests that he eat more brown rice, roots, seaweeds, and other concentrated natural energy products.Because it was a mistake to have a kidney deficiency, initially it was not very confident, and after two months it began to feel the changes in the body, and the white hair fell sharply three months later.In about half a year, the white hair was completely gone, and even though it did not continue to be treated in Chinese medicine, it was still in good condition and had no longer any white hair.

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Improve blood behavior to ensure gloss and flexibility

The blood and blood status of the root part is the key to turning around.A balanced diet?Don't stay up late.It is better not to smoke cigarettes, because smoking will cause the blood to be spooked.

Hair also has lifespan, with more than 100 hair falling on every day.After several months of rest, hair can begin to work again. Therefore, some degree of hair loss does not need to be taken care of. However, more than usual hair loss can be used to improve the blood of rehmanniae, Ho Shou-gu, and angelica.

invention can improve the gloss and elasticity of the hair of the medicinal material of the blood circulation and also have good effect.

As for circular depopsia, in addition to the blood barrier, it is often associated with intense environmental change or pressure, so it is sometimes used to adjust the neurological disorder of the autonomic nerve disorder and increase the resistance to stress.The specific medicinal materials are bupleurum, peppermint, fragrant incense, aroma, keel, oyster and so on, which is quite effective.The hair is maintained from everyday life.It is not easy to grow strong hair from the hair. If it is not good to maintain it, it will not be a blunder for the heavens.

brown rice, beans, sesame, vegetables, algae

First, you need to improve your diet.The raw material of hair is protein, so a balanced diet is very important.Please take a lot of brown rice, legumes, sesame, vegetables and seaweeds that are rich in minerals and vitamins.But foreign food, fast food, and preservatives with large animal fats are best to eat less, so as to be safe.

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Wash your head thoroughly cleanly.The scalp is an extension of the face, which does not differ much from the skin tissue, and the scalp secretes more grease than the face.If you wash your face every day, of course you have to wash your head every day.But consider the nature of the scalp, the nature of the seasons, the nature of shampoo, and ask yourself to stay on the other.

utility model can thoroughly clean the dirt deep in the pores and improve the blood circulation of the scalp.However, the circulation of blood can only be improved for at most one hour, so the blood circulation still has to rely on the use of Chinese medicine or improved eating habits. That is to make improvements in the body, so that the better effect will be achieved.Lastly, do not forget that shampoo should be washed away.

Others are staying up late, eating at night, smoking, obesity, lack of movement, and so on, and are also the main factors that prevent nutritional roots from being transmitted.Genetic factors account for about 30 % of the hair's thin-hair.Therefore, please carry out the improvement and proper maintenance of the physique to maintain healthy and beautiful hair.(Sibling: No matter how old you are today, there is no money to stay up the night )

Western Medicine Insights

In general, Western medicine does not recognize that the hair or hair dryness is a disease, so it does not treat it.In some cases, however, the patient is given a kidney corticoid, a compound glycyrrhizin, a lachykine or a psychotic agent, because the side effects are too large, and if the effect is not visible in a certain period of time, the doctor will stop using the medication.This treatment is likely to recur because of inability to treat roots.

Advanced Chinese Medicine

is used to keep the spleen and the four gentlemen's soup, and it is used to keep the gloss and elasticity of the hair.(Extended reading: Professor of Chinese Medicine!The secret recipe the cure for the case, the recipes )