Features of the colorful enamel ornaments and jewelry designer Aliko Chen created the personal brand ALIKO CHEN JEWELRY , which is different from previous metal decorations in a single color, giving everyone more specific expression and individuality to the rich color decorations.

2011 ALIKO CHEN JEWELrY's work - "Tweardropledbird"
seven colors shed tears as a result of fear of Mother Earth, showing seven colors,
color tears would like this piece of land to do a little bit of effort, and it became raining down

love ornaments, restore your original

ALIKO CHEN JEWELRY was available at Aliko Research Institute, when it came into contact with the field of gold, fell in love with the feeling of being an ornament, dreaming that one day it would have its own brand name.In fact, after graduating from school, Aliko faced a gap between school and job requirements. After three years of work, she realized that she wasn't supposed to do what she didn't like. She realized that she should return to the fields of gold and work as a favorite decoration.He then began to use holiday time as an ornament, a creative market, and Aliko would actually resign from work six months later, and devote more effort to this area.

When Aliko takes care of herself seriously, it is so focused and charming!

Because of the rich color change of enamel, Aliko feels that the metal should not have only a cold-blowing expression and a single color, Aliko decided to fashion the traditional "craftinic" craft and rejuvenate it, "Colorful Jewelry!" Coorful Mind! "For the brand spirit, create ALIKO CHEN JEWELRY , and set up a personal studio.

This is Aliko's "Defense" series, launched in 2011, with a total of six colors.
The concept is from an invisible safe distance between people.
Once others are too close to themselves, they will be aware of a defense mechanism

fear of hardship, it is surely the greatest

There are no channels, so most of them are shivering, especially in the northern winter. They often haven't sold a single piece of work, and they suspect that their work is not market-free, and they often want to give up."

It wasn't until 2012 that the North Accessories Fast Design and Design Center became a designer, and the brand began to grow rapidly.This year's href= "/search/result/" , the memorable experience of the ALIKO CHEN JEWELLRY , also known as Alimo's cousin, Alima's cousin and friend, Kooze, has been successful in the event and has opened up a number of publicity for the brand name.

This year, Aliko and Chiu jointly accepted media access the "Contact True" Taiwanese Designer Brand Joint Exhibition

2012 at "touch-True" Taiwan designer brand joint display for the first time,
I'm a desert plant waiting for seasonal showers "

For Aliko, selling as a product is her most happy moment.Others are excited by the excitement of getting caught up in the shop and appreciating their own work, or even when the number of fans increases and the brand is reported to be published by the media.

a personality with color and becoming a fashion

Aliko believes that the decorations that women like in Taiwan now tend to be too much to follow fashion, and that girls' dress is almost as good as their dress, and they don't have their own personality.So want ALIKO CHEN JEWELRY can be expressed through color, bringing together different decorations, thinking," Colorful Jewelry!" Coorful Mind! ”.

The "Paloque Elegant Series", "Baroque Elegance", 2012 - "Baroque Elegance"
built in the form of a hook stitch, and then in kind and in the form of "enamel",
a modern fashion baroque style

Finally, Aliko wants to tell all of the readers of womany: bravely chasing dreams, bravely to be yourself!

womany peer

If you like the design of Aliko Chen and her creative ideas, also welcome to the womaany shop !

Don't forget to "touch True" Taiwanese designer brand joint display will support the design brand in Taiwan!

ALIKO CHEN-Simple Loito Necklace

ALIKO CHEN-Simple Ear-shaped Ear

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Text: Aliko Chen, Womany EC/Chan and Joyon Chen