Who says women can only stay behind every successful man?Look at these outstanding women entrepreneurs, and you will understand that there is no distinction between gender and merit.

The story of Coco Chanel and her legendary stories, even after more than three decades of death, have been captured by brand Coco Chanel and her legendary extravagant style.The success of Chanel marked the active participation of women in the 20th century, not only from family life, but also to men.(Extended reading: [Buye-looking] imitating a climate, a cheap startup, and a male dominated: Is Berlin's entrepreneurial culture supposed to be an imitation of the United States?)

Coco: " A woman without perfume is not in the future!" (Une femme sans parfum n' a pas d' avenir)

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the women of the new century look back and see the ancient Chinese marketplace where men dominate, and there are no signs of women's hard work.The Ch'in dynasty's "Qing dynasty" was perhaps the first woman to have written in history. In the face of a widow, she inherited the family's vermilion and sand, and eventually developed into a great wealth of Shu, and even suffered from the gift of Qin's emperor.

woman's widow was sung, she was the first woman from the business of ancient times, considering that she even used the wealth to form a local force to rival the princes, and that she was probably not a vanity by calling her "a great gift of honor and fame."However, readers may have doubts: Since it is a family business, there is certainly nothing to do with entrepreneurship, and there are not too many risks of risk.To put it more directly, the second generation of entrepreneurs seems to have more than just a little distance from the hands of the white hand.The army of the terracotta warriors and the widows of the Qin Dynasty may also be able to contract the source of cinnabar required for the tomb.

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, of course, one of the characteristics of ancient women businessmen. In most cases, women who widowed inherit their husbands' careers, and inevitably made their success more subordinate to men's shadow.However, attentive readers think that, as Chanel's early years were funded by É tienne Balsan or Arthur Capel ", women entrepreneurs still need to rely on their ability and diligence to find a place in a fast-changing shopping mall.

The story of the Shanghai area about Huang Dao-po may be a good example.As a legendary figure in the late Song dynasty, Huang was believed to have acquired the technology of weaving the weaving, and brought it to Shanghai to make a major difference in the cotton industry in the Yangtze River Delta.The Southern Sung and the "Ou" can not forget that women have always been the main force in the textile industry.(Extended Read: Old fashions!The Black Cat of a Shirt for a lifetime: The clothes are the same as the others, and it is not reasonable to do so )

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Women who have successfully pioneered their career by virtue of their professional abilities are very few.Although her technique was inherited from her husband, she was told that she only needed to touch stones on top of her feet, and that she knew that quality was good, and that she could be called "stone-stone".

However, the traditional business history of being dominated by men and written by men is somewhat hostile and doubtful about the attitude of women entrepreneurs.This may also explain why the successful women, under male literati, occasionally have a mercient, or even a strange, element of the spirit.In the Tang dynasty, one of the Panamons, who was rich in a restaurant, was portrayed as a black-hearted businessman using an evil technique. She used a banshee method to make a burro, and then turned into a donkey. She could take the belongings of the guests and then sell them as guests of the donkey.

Tao Huang-ying, a female of the Qing dynasty, relied on superb techniques to get a full victory in the Chrysanthemum aquaculture industry, but she was actually a Chrysanthemum.Of course, readers don't have to believe that these stories are true, but they also reflect some of the doubts about women businessmen at the time, and thus verify that these women's achievements are not easy, and that they are very rare.

, women's entrepreneurial opportunity has already surpassed Chanel in the West. In modern China, Zhang Youyi (the first wife of Xu Zhimo) founded the women's commercial bank. Later, Wu Shun-wen inherited her husband's vast industry, and created Yue Loong's car kingdom. Another Zhang Lan, who was in Beijing, established an unparalleled eating empire.

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women come from different backgrounds and face different challenges, but return to the most primitive nature. The passion, innovation, adventure and profession seem to be the common characteristics of women who have come to business this time. Looking back on the tracks of the past and the new generation of entrepreneurial women, are they ready to go to success?(Sibling: The learn failure is successful!to see the stories of six successful women )