The gift of gifts has always been a culture of great importance to the Chinese people.When I was young, I would write a card. People who liked it also have to express their minds. When they grow up, they will need to give gifts. From the holidays to wedding mourning, customers can't afford to give gifts. If they get gifts, they will be able to make a big impression on your first impressions, and old friends can say, " How come you're so big!"

However, on the choice of gifts, while always listening to the family saying that "the gift of the gifts is heavy and strong," no matter how "sincerity" must be, it must be the most important.The gift of a gift is not only a matter of oneself, but also a gift from someone who feels that you are so sweet and so happy that you have a lot more money than others, and you might as well just calm down to think about how the gift should be sent to the other side of the party.

Below we carefully picked up a few things that you might never think of as a gift, and also sort out the timing of a variety of possibilities. I hope that this little guide can help you with this little guide next time!

Beginks to Kyphenate

When a newborn comes first, the first solution to his father's mother is to eat and drink.People who don't know what to send, buy some diapers, milk powder, or baby food in the big market can be easily resolved immediately, and no matter whether the gift is good or bad, the new parents will definitely use it.

If you want your parents to be happy and want to ask for a baby, you might as well pick a good-looking %E5%9C%8D%E5%85%9C " Believe is not easy to get dirty clothes, but not the baby as a young prince or little princess dressed as a little gentleman or a little bee, and I believe he will always be the first to be in your mind.

Organic Baby-bib (left:
Gold , top right: Small bow tie , bottom right: small bee )

Clare Chen-Baby Sound Wai Buses

No one doesn't really want to grow up healthy and happy, but you can make a little contribution to the life of a diaper, feeding baby food, and you can consider sending a star lamp so that every night of the baby will be accompanied by a star, and the whole family can feel the blinking thing about the blink of the star.Why don't you be happy and not to be happy for family harmony?

Duux-The Netherlands Design Star Projection

the old friend of the new

Of course, when people change their homes, their best friends also want to love Ukraine and the house. It is more common in the gift of gifts to send a painting, or to add art to a master's calligraphic work, and to help decorate the new home.If you want to be more creative, you can choose between Plug in , Bottle opener with wine bag , and you might want to ask: What should I do if there is no alcohol?Believe me, even if you don't take it, there will certainly be a basic payment of red wine.

womany exclusive -- the intoxicated group of the whisker

If the other person is a nobleman, you may wish to consider sending the Pinto Group , although he usually doesn't cook, but occasionally wants to cook, let the birds stop at the branch and cook, and remind him that the food is no longer in trouble, and that it should be a healthy day for the food.

QUALY-Peacock Chef ladle

But the most practical thing for a new family is home furniture.Send Trash is not as tacky as you are, this" garbage knowledge has a streamlined shape, improves the inconvenience of traditional trash and is closer to the needs of the typical family.As a good friend, you might as well take this opportunity to make a great friendship. No matter what happens, you will always be willing to be his super-capacity garbage can, right?

Unique Art has Art-Trash.Know Garbage

People say it's not auspiciable, but if it is Yankees wall clock can bring good luck!It is not only elegant and elegant, but also adds a lively atmosphere to the cold ice houses.If budget is a bit higher, it's a 's a good choice. Every day before you go out, you can let the mirror try and decide whether you want to put it on your body. It's a convenient and practical design, and a beautiful homeowner will thank you very much.

(left) haoshi good thing-swat clock ; (right) domo STUDIO-STATUE human dressing mirror

a good

" What does she like?"It must be a question for every man who has a heart."The flowers, chocolates, and brand names may indicate how romantic you are, but what the girls want to see most of you is the "unique" that she has for you.It's the same as the earrings, and it also shows creativity beyond the pattern of the stars. Let Rotating Trojan Horse Is a continuation of a simple, simplicial, happy and happy life.

haoshi good business design-Rotation Mearring

Swapped for flowers, garden planting table light is different from ordinary people using flowers to plow off their flowers. On the contrary, they have a soft and warm atmosphere, giving a little light in the evening to light up your most truthful intentions.

green shoots, live-womany, multi-story, small-meat, multi-meat transplanting table

If you want to use dessert to get girls' hearts, you may not be sure which type of cake she likes, or you can change it to Cup-shaped soap box set The little and cute little pink skin definitely centering on girls.

Planet Yum - [Sweet Appointment] Cup-Cake Manual Soap Box

Like one person, another angle is actually the same as the Little Rabbit Love Red radishes .Because it is a love and a need, I hope that no matter whether it is outside or in the small nest, she will be able to see a larger world with her, and spend time with each other.How difficult it is to meet someone who likes it. Why don't you let her know about this kind of mood through gifts?

The womany shop is exclusively selected for the radish cup group
The mug and the cup are once owned, remember when a gentle gentleman warned her to drink more to take care of himself!

me the most beloved

I remember when I was a kid, I secretly put the card in my father's bed. How did you grow up not to buy a massage chair in the living room, that is, to use a bunch of vitamins and a chicken to be a companion?Physical health is important, but I believe that a massage couch can be used as long as it is enough, and it will be more useful if you have a long way to eat your tonic foods.If your parents are also The Horseman , there are many plans to implement and put them on. Money tree is a way to show them their dreams. Maybe they don't have a lot of money in it, but with your full satisfaction, they have the power to practice.

CCHi-Money Tree

It's more of a time to chat with your parents Drink a cup of tea more cheer than spending a large amount of money on your parents.To the family, the golden couple was the cup gold as a surprise, and wished them happily ever after so many years of marriage.

CCHi-Gold Cup CCHi-Gold Cup

If the Sweet atmosphere of the last two people is strong, you might as well sneak up on the other by sneaking in!But notice that this trick is only limited to the parents who have the courage and the courage to have their children, and it is time for them to make good use of the time again. Enjoy the two people's time !

Creativity and Creativity

In December, I was going to report back quietly, and started to smell a silk of Christmas in the streets. Are you ready to exchange gifts this year? Christmas We should never have less red and green, never know what to start, but at least the two elements will not be wrong, and no one will say NO ~

LUCIEN-iPhone4 Fashion CANDY Series ( green , red )

Christmas is often the coldest winter in the winter, so it is of course also possible to take into account all kinds of things that keep warm, but if you still think of it as a scarf, a glove, and a warm and warm bag, then don't blame people for thinking that you are very old.To send a wearing knit or lace cup is not only visually warm, but also a two-tier design that keeps the temperature of the hot beverage, which is used to warm the cup of hot cocoa, which is warm in the range from the inside to the outside.

KINTO-Dual-Cup Couture (lace/wool)

I once thought about sending decorations, but I was afraid that people would think that they wouldn't use it. But in fact, if the texture is exquisite enough, it can only highlight the taste of the master.Limited the United Kingdom handicraft teapot , this time specifically, White Christmas Day , the theme of the Christmas dinner that has traditionally been a favorite of English traditional kitchens, has created a warm Christmas style.

The Teapottery-AGA Classic Kitchen Manual Teapot (White Christmas Limits)

If you still want to drive away from Japan, the Christmas candle that was introduced exclusively from Japan must have stunning you.A crafty, crafted, adorable, high-heeled shoe made by hand, ignited it so that it could be filled with sweetness and perfection, or simply put in the house as a decoration, and it would also be able to smug the thick flak of Christmas!

SWATi-Christmas Shoe Manual candle

See here, are you starting to expect Christmas to come?

Gifts never require a person to give a gift, but rather than follow blindly from everywhere, find a better interpretation of yourself, and your present gift will be more specific and more meaningful than others.

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Text: Womany EC/Chen Ghaying Joanne Chen