Remember the golden age mentioned by the Woody Allen movie at midnight?" Every generation is not full, because the nature of life is not satisfactory.So everyone has a vision of "golden age" and no " , but it can't really go back to the golden age of heart, so that Lomography is going to give you some power:

Gold Special Edition comes back, Diana F +, Diana Mini and Fisheye 2, before sweeping the entire audience. This year, in a thousand calls, "Golden Girls" is graceful and graceful. Shiny is also a convenient chain that doesn't affect your party makeup and make you even more color!The golden camera can help you capture the beauty of the golden age of every moment!

How could the newcomers be cold-blood-down this year?The two most pampered gold girls are also shabby and Fisheye Baby 110 has been replaced by Bauhaus blouse, and this time Diana Baby 110 is also not a weak one , with a dream square photo to win applause, let alone in the golden more adorable!

Leave a good memory in this winter to become your contemporary yellow gold time!

Data and picture sources: Lomography