When women face sexual love, they are often educated more carefully than men, and even intimidated by threatening education, giving women a sense of fear.As long as the two sides make good measures, they are no longer a terrorist act.

Will there be such a worry in the minds of the people before they really commit to sex?Do you worry about being careless in the "medium"?I'm worried about the strange disease.Because of threats such as fear of pregnancy, contraception, and even the virus, the lack of sex education and the lack of a threatening education (playing an abortion film for women students) make it impossible for many women to understand the question of sex, how women know their own body, enjoy their own bodies, and how to enjoy their own autonomy.(Recommended reading: Farewell to death bed!Pawn Pawn 2.0 >: Sexual Posture Importance is important

But if you don't know the history of contraception or the history of sex education (for example, the purpose of an abortion film is to intimidated a female student), then you can only loop with an infinite loop in the face of problems such as "fear of bodily injury" (e.g., abortion, the risk of cancer caused by the virus).Only when we know the history and social context of these so-called "scientific knowledge" is that we may know that the problems that have plagued us for a long time may need to be questioned in the course of the problem. So, those problems should not be bothering us. Perhaps we can find an exit from this.

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Current contraceptive methods have four broad categories:

1. Natural contraception method: basic body temperature, safety period, expooromatic spot etc.

2. Barrier contraception: condoms, hysters, etc.

3. Hormone Contraceptive method: oral contraceptives, uterine contraceptives, contraception, contraceptive injections, etc.

4. sterilization procedure: hysterectomy, oophorotomy, female fallopian tube ligation and male fallopian tube cutout, etc.

Of course, regardless of which contraceptive methods are used, there are both advantages and disadvantages, and there are individual pregnancies or physical risks, but as long as you really understand the effects of contraception and the background of cultural knowledge, we believe that everyone has the right and ability to choose the method of contraception.

womany next has a series of contraceptives that contain historical, cultural, professional advice, and various myths, and we hope that more new women will be able to have more knowledge of themselves and be able to live with their own free lives.(Extended reading: First pregnancy, I choose to struggle with my struggle )