Although each relationship requires betting to maintain, only two people in a relationship do not have difficulty in trying to maintain them.When you think you and your partner need a little bit of encouragement, womany is here to help you!

We have a program of five days and a high probability of success, and it takes less than a week to get your love back from a low-lying low tide and return to the warm-loving period of romance!

First day: Rewarm one of your most memorable dates

In order to keep your emotions together for a good start, we suggest that you start with the best date ever.

Let the two people look for a new beginning is an effective and interesting way to summup the memorable memories of both parties-perhaps the first date of your first date, perhaps the fifth, and perhaps a wonderful experience that happened a few years ago.Now what you're supposed to do is try to study that date again, and you don't need special little meticulous attention, because the focus is on the sense of the date, or some kind of unforgetable mood.

This plan allows you to discover the lack of two people, much more mainly as a reminder: remind them of the original intent of being together, and also to remember the reason why the plan started, because you wanted to make it better at this point.

The next day: to a place that has never been.

Today is the time to activate the relationship between the two people. The easiest way is to go to a place where neither one of you has ever been. It may be a restaurant, a wine shop, or a museum exhibition or art space that you are interested in.

This time, with these fresh experiences, you can cross psychological constraints, as the daily repetition of the same thing will make people forget that there are other choices in their lives.You'll know there are a lot of new things in the world that you're going to try -- and you just walk out and find them.

Third day: Made romantic at home

Close the TV, put up the pen, and then hide your phone -- to make the romance at home tonight.

One day of work, you may be very tired, but it doesn't mean you can't have an undisturbed romantic night at home: open a bottle of wine, make a dinner for you, or eat it from a restaurant you love, and then you can remember the candles, chat, chat, and create a sense of intimacy at the dinner table.

Although you are not "out of date", this does not mean that you cannot enjoy a Romantic night.

Fourth day: Resolving a long-standing problem

Today is the time to be new.

lists a list of issues that you've always wanted to communicate with the other side, and you have to do the same.This may be a bit of a wounding. After all, no one would like to know that he was disgusted by other people. Finally, I would like to recall the problems on the list.

You may feel offended, but try to open your mind, and this exercise will not only ease your emotional burden, but also allow the two to get along with each other.

Day 5: Create a common effort target

One of the most important ways to strengthen your feelings is to have a common goal.

After dinner, sit down and share what both of you want to do, such as buying a new house, reconditioning the present house, traveling, or learning to open a boat.A consensus is reached first, and then we can begin to work towards the ideal.A common goal can make the relationship even more closely related, and it can be sustained longer than it is!

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