As a woman, it is more or less unfit to be physically unsuitable for each month's "good friend".When the "good friends" come, they will be able to rest.

Consider this scenario:

After the start of work, it has been a serious job, and hopes to get the approval of his superiors and colleagues.As a result, he has never even been invited back to the hospital. Even if he has a cold or ill health, he still has a record of being on attendance.

But girls don't feel comfortable for a few days.This day, the physical period of the day is again reporting on .....

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Although health education tells us that the biological period is a good friend of girls, we should learn to get along with the unique characteristics of this woman.But when it hurts, it really makes people want to take their uterus out!Nothing can be done, even sitting is torment, just trying to shrink the whole day of the bed.(Recommended reading: BFF Qualify!(a proposal a))

But I don't know how to say to the boss: "I'm not feeling well in my biological period, I want to take leave.""I worry that the boss feels that the job is to be lazy and refuse to ask for leave, or if you don't give your sick leave you have to change your request to leave the job, so the whole thing that you have worked hard to maintain is lost."

According to the study, more than 60 % of young women suffer from physical pain. More than 15 % of women say that they have been unable to carry out their daily activities. The above mentioned belligerentans will not only happen at all, but most women are deeply troubled.Not to mention that they have to pay attention to whether they have the so-called "pre-symptom group", which interfes with their close friends and the other half, and even if the boss pises off his own boss, it's just a bad one!

In fact, the law provides that a woman who cannot work because of a biological period can one day be sick in sick leave of sick days.At the same time, it is also stipulated that the employer cannot refuse to ask for a false request, nor should he ask you to ask for leave.You don't usually have to lose your full attendance record because of a physical vacation.What are the legal provisions in relation to the physiquand of the law?

Related legal provisions

Physiological leave

Article 14 of the Gender Equality Act:

A female employee who has a physical day of work is suffering from a difficult period of time, and his days of leave are taken into account in sick leave days.The calculation of the physiological leave pay is based on the sick leave provisions.Leave Payroll calculation

Labor Leave Rule 4:

Labor must be treated or recuperated for ordinary injury, illness, or physiological reasons, and in the left column, please refer to the common injury leave:

One, no resident, total not more than 30 days in a year.The normal disease is not more than 30 days in a year, and wages are distributed in half a year.Promotion employer must not decline

Article 21 of the Gender Equality Act:

Employer may not refuse an employer when required by the previous seven (i.e., Articles 14 to 20).In the case of a person who is a person employed as a person, the employer shall not be considered to be absent from attendance and affect his/her attendance bonus, performance appraisal, or other detriment.

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As a woman, you have to learn to love yourself.In particular, when the moon is over, there are many nutritional losses in the body, and more should be done with your body!If you can take precautions in advance, you can take good care of your body in normal times, and the chances of physical pain will naturally be greatly reduced!In fact, there are many ways to improve menstruating pain, one of which is to start with the "food".(Extended reading: The Great Might of Physiology Period!These four types of daily food help slow down pain

In addition to dietary supplement, aromatic oils can help female students to relieve their physical discomfort and make the mind feel comfortable through aromatics.Symptoms of a woman's physiology, each with a selection and function of essential oils, to make the most comfortable balance between the body and the sense of smell!

Most girls don't have a good relationship with "good friends".Every month, if not excessive bleeding is due to an unfavorable period of time, it is even more painful for the occasional occurrence of pain. Even if she calls her "aunt", she doesn't see her willing to shake hands and ... What is it that makes it so difficult to wait?Here are the professional advice from the doctors and tell you about the seven questions about menstruation and the bank.

The above information hopes that it can help to make it more comfortable in the face of each month's cycle!