On December 13, 2012, Women's fans womany just changed the new version, and some netizens say, " I've seen the most exquisite, beautiful website.Some netizens have a bit of anger saying, " Can you do more marketing, so that more people know about you?Others say, "It's not just a new feeling, but it's a new one."" This is a change in our technology from PHP to a more agile development of Ruby on Rails, and we have a higher requirement for user experience (UX) applications to interface design (UI), and we have learned more from our past network outside the Internet, Know-How.

There was an older generation of people who said, " You're playing community, right?"We think that we are too focused on personal characteristics, too much emphasis on work, and that it's easy to loose the working atmosphere and lose focus."But I think, womany has always been proud of is that we are not playing clubs, but we are definitely playing at work."The more serious the work, the happier it is.

Aiming to share with us, the secondary systems that work side by side:

Project Management & Assistant System

plays the most important role in enforcement, regardless of team size, project management capabilities, and project management capabilities.Entrepreneurship is the "entrepreneurial spirit" for us, and how we can communicate with each other through new methods, new technologies, and a better team of teams. This is our goal and the process of evolution.

> Google document (always best helper)

I believe Google is the best friend of all startup teams.Free, easy to use, cloud-assisted, is the most unique feature.The application of Google document from documents, spreadsheets, online questionnaires, slides, and slides is the most of the top of our cloud management team's documents.

> Google Analytics (the first step in your website operations)

not just observing traffic, source, via Google anayltics, you can also observe 5W1H, who (Who) is in when (When) what kind of device (What) is looking at what.How to master key indicators and applications of Google Analytics is the absolute field of website operations.It is also possible to do an A/B test through Google Analytics, which is useful for people who value user experience analysis.

> Dropbox (the most important box)

If you are currently working, you must be familiar with the so-called "commune", dropbox perfection of the glamour of the "commune", without the need for expensive leased space and explosion.By transferring large files, public use files, syncing shared files for different computers, cloud storage improves our work efficiency 100 times by sharing the url.Even if you're not starting a business, you're using it as a backup space, or if you're synchronizing a lot of computer files, you're super good.Not to mention that a dropbox can appear in your computer, ipad, and cell phone at the same time, and that's the way it is.No dropbox doesn't know how to live.

> Evernote (notebooks always on)

Every person who has just entered womany, including the internship sugar, I would like to develop a habit of using Evernote.Maybe everyone still has a habit of having a laptop, but the evernote is the evernote, because it doesn't require the use of the brain at all!With the Skitch screen capture software, the cloud synchronizes the content of different carriers, and is a tool that makes the job more efficient.Now, if I have a formal letter, I'm used to writing and storing it in the evernote book and putting it into the Foreign Corresponnated Notebooks, and comparing them to comparisons in the future!

> Teambox (good team box)

We've tried to use a lot of project management systems.From your own pull excel table, use Trello , Redmine , and what we're using today is Teambox .

We used Trello in March and April last year, which features a simple, simple, simple project (2-3 people) that can simplify the flow of events into a task that can be subdivided into a task, but its drawback is that when the number of participants is too large and the event is complicated, it is difficult to prioritize the entire column.

We used Trello to manage, we think it's ideal for a simple direct project
if the project is too complex, or the entire engineering system is not applicable

and Redmine has always been an engineer's heart, its invoicing, wiki functionality, email automatic reply, and the Gantt chart are all fully functional.But the only drawback is that the interface is not friendly enough, and the threshold is high. If everyone wants to be able to internalize Redmine's use, it will definitely pose a challenge.

In search, we find Teambox, which is essentially a combination of the benefits of Trello, Redmine, and everynote.Not only can we integrate cloud services such as github, dropbox, google document, but also automatically import the Gantt chart, and there are Notebooks, we now put conference records in the teambox (because the shared evernote does not have the modification function).I also particularly like its mobile phone version, which is clear and easy to use, and its task list can be exported as an excel or word file, and it also has a lot of reminders on the wall.

You can see the project (task) in a trelo column, or in redmine-style rendering ( Picture source )

Of course, each project management system has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it should be different from each stage, but only one key, "People are going to use"!As long as the team has a consensus, they all use their best efforts. Basically, every software is good software!

> Balsamiq (a good tool for painting)

We like to draw with hands and draw with hands, and we sometimes use Balsamiq to draw the portotype in Balsamiq! The software is very easy to use, and the interface is beautiful, and engineers will also have a more imaginable picture of the picture!And when you see a picture of your imagination, even more specific, it really is a great sense of accomplishment!Now, the excellent team in Taiwan is also making it easy to use the mockup app --- POP , so as long as the picture is taken on the paper, you can see the dynamic effects!Great recommendation!

Fortunately, there is no such version of the complex Mock up (Laughter)

> XMIND (sometimes to draw the mental picture always)

The mental map can be viewed in the context of the overall context, with a broad range of mental applications, from the organizational structure, website planning, reversion architecture, job description, and so on, to use mental graphics.There are lots of good and well known intellectual software, such as MindJet , freemind , and so on, but like the project management system, black cats and white cats, as long as they can catch mice, is a good cat.Personally, I prefer xmind, and it doesn't have a fancy interface or special function, but it's very good. So even though we try all sorts of other tools in the middle, it's still the XMIND.

This is the discussion we are going to discuss every year on a private, private conversation!
You want to help each person find what you want to do!

> Tomato Technique (Pomodoro Technique)

Entrepreneurship is difficult, and everyone wants ten, time management is one of the most pressing issues for everyone, because to do list, there are always several pages.In the last few months, I particularly liked the tomato clock, and I was completely preoccupied with one thing in a short period of time.The Tomato Timing theory, presented by Francesco in 1992, continues to apply today, and he proposes to cut one thing, cut into blocks, and rest for five minutes every 25 minutes.I personally like to divide everything into 30 minutes, and when you give yourself 30 minutes to do one thing, it's usually more focused and complete.

These tools and methods are my/our prerequisite assistance, and if you have other tools to use, we also welcome the recommendation.In fact, the tools themselves are not even the most important. What matters is whether they are really dedicated to "use" and "not afraid" to try new tools of keeping with the times.

Tips for working more hand
> > System thinking: Five levels and five responses
> > Don't do anything about the first hour of work.
> > Starbucks President at Harvard Class

Writer: Zhang Weixuan (Women's Womany.net Co-founder, Big Sister CEO)