What do you feel about the days of the WBC World Baseball World Baseball game?The entire range of bars, restaurants, squares, and even windows of the roadside windows, all broadcast on the scene during the time of the GCG .Every single one of the fans'voices, "fueling", is like a child's call to their parents, and they are like their parents' deepest love for their children.

A number of people have captured the moment of unity in every corner of the bay, for us and China , and the Taiwan, leaving a new hope and courage for the people of Taiwan.womany is going to share with you, memories of the most touching moment.

North Messenger New Light Business Circle

Aimed at the audience of the Hsinyi Business Circle

Don't know if there are many people like us?Almost from consciousness, the flag flies in the wind, and tears come to tears.Perhaps because of our ambiguous position in the international community, it may be that we are unable to raise the national flag in international competitions, and we can be happy to shed tears when we add our national flag to the Chinese team.

Some people say that the crowds of people who believe in Hsinkuang are much more like an extended version of an annual gala.In addition to the 101-year-long night of fireworks, no one was in the middle of the night, and the people who gathered together enthusiastically chatting in the Hsinyi District.

Whether you were holding a chicken, peering pearl milk, squat on TV, cheated on TV, and cheered for the Chinese team in the crowd, believing that our voice had been sent to the distant side of the Chinese team.

North Car Station Y3 Plaza

This is the North Korean station before the lower half of the ninth inning.

The last minute we lost, maybe we couldn't bear to think about it again.But before that, the Chinese team gave us hope that we would never forget.

University of the University of the Public Library, University of the University of the University of the University,

Do you remember what you looked like when you were young?
The university entrance of the university is the same as that of a group of young hot blood in the bay of the bay.

North Car Station Station, NOVA

There are no cars on the road, and everyone is breathless and fearless of missing the historic moment.
overflowing into the streets, full of people who are full of hope in their hearts.

Kaohsiung MRT Station

Mei Lian, Formosa, Formosa, Our Po Island, our Taiwan.Under the bright painted glass of the island, the
of Taiwan is divided between the north and the south, and only the only Chinese team and the Taiwan island cheering.

anywhere in the corner, no one in a single corner

A person who prays in Taiwan for an unfamous place, a street corner, during the Classic period.
This moment doesn't distinguish between you and me, because we are all Taiwanese.

Take the cheering stick and call your beloved name.
If you have a child in the future, I will tell him all the moves that year.

How long doesn't have a hand to hold the same target?How often do you not feel that you're always alone?
that moment, either left or right, you can see that you have the same light in your eyes, happy, and sad people together.

After the competition, we are always friends: Thank you from Japan

The big screen of the Tokyo Big Egg shot and thanked the Japanese fans for their enthusiastic applause in the 311 earthquake.The article, which was a moving picture of the Japanese fans after being infected by Taiwan, was also touched by the moving oiling scenes in many of the Taiwan's Bay of Taiwan.

At the same time, more Japanese are robbing the Internet and telling the world: "We are fighting the United States of the United States!"It's not just "China Taipei"!

people of Taiwan are always the most enthusiastic, but also the most modest.We are always robbing the first to help others, but we don't consciously remember the good intentions that they have made, and they don't ask for anything in return.Taiwan's good, sometimes we forget; however, because there are Japanese, people in the world who remember Taiwan's friends in the world, they will never fear that we are a silly lonely person.The victory
the competition can be won by hard work, and the bond between man and man is a deep treasure accumulated under the age of the year.

Chinatown for Forever

There is a group of people who are unconditioned to withstand the expectations of the whole of Taiwan, hoping that they can do better and return more to the Taiwan region.
They are the Chinese team.

In the wake of the Sino-Japanese War, the Chinese team who had a siloed hating did not lose the wind, and still bowed deeply to the audience of the great East Beijing gigg."We have a team like this," he said. "We feel very proud."

Thank you very much: You, and every voice cries for Taiwan

WBC Classic has a passion for baseball in Taiwan. It also excite the love of the Taiwanese people in Taiwan.In fact, in addition to thanking the Chinese team, we also want to thank all the fans: you have made it even more love for the Taiwan people.
We don't have too many resources, we don't have a lot of people, but there are lots of love in Taiwan."

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Taiwan,
Let's take the pride and touch of the people in Taiwan and continue to meet the challenges of the world!

because of you, we see

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Text: womany.net editorial/Zou Qi Fallene Zou

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