Is sexy only exposed to nudity?Absolutely not!With simple jewelry or change, it can bring unexpected sexy look!

Is it being in a depressed single life?Do you think that you have been so far away from the sexiest words for several lifetimes?Don't worry.Now let's take a look at the four secret advice from the sexy sexique Seshova, which is a hot topic in Russia, to be delivered as sexy as a sexy expert in Russia!

SEX TIP 1: You add color to yourself!

While many people say the black dress is a date, it is easier to draw attention from the fact that, according to Evgeniya Steshova, it is more likely to wear a lighter and lighter color.Some colors help men to take notice of the lines of the body, even if they are usually dressed as priors and have no relationship, so they can make use of silk scarves, necklace and small jewelry, and men will not be aware of it, and they will not look at it.

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SEX TIP 2: It is also important to be "inside"

Even today's date is not intended to undress, but when it is self-conscious, it's a self-conscious outfit that's wearing a whole set of underwear, and it's going to show up all your hands. And who knows what unexpected development you're going to have on your date tonight?It's better to be prepared than not.Evgeniya Steshova even said:

Would rather not wear it than the unset of underwear.

For example, I woke up the next day, and we could wear his wrinkled shirt, which was not pegged, and it was a real moment of eternity.(Extended reading: 21 reasons not to wear underwear!Where is my soul bra?)

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SEX TIP 3: Take advantage of the body

Remember, "Bend and Snap" in the "Blonde" >?That image is very funny in the movie, and it is certainly overfire in real life, but the focus is that we want to like our bodies and find the curves of the curve that belongs to our bodies.Not only the chest, the slender legs are sexy, and more than 50 percent of men actually love the girl's neck and collarbone, so they find the place where they feel the most sexy, and don't hesitate to make good use of it!

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SEX TIP 4: The Surprise of the Thousand Women!

Every man who doesn't want to admit it, cannot deny that they want women to "go out and look like a woman, a housewife, a bed like a slut."Of course, women have their own hopes, but in the face of these wish-wish-wish-wish-wishness, it is a good way to imagine that they are full of possibilities.Role play is the most direct way. You can also try to use a variety of different tones or to arrange different situations, or even wild evenings. The next day, you can make a special look at which you can dress up. Let him not be able to guess.You can also develop a sexy romantic face that you do not want people to know through all kinds of playing!

The four key recommendations above suggest that each woman has the ability to feel that she has a sense of sexual nature!Chang Ai-ling also said, " Every woman is a fellow."So listen to the advice of Russian experts and develop your own special sexy charm!"(Extended reading: Ideas are my sexual feelings!)Year-of-influence Women's Almanac: Small Wiles, Petimiths, Yoko Ono)