You used to be a boy only to enjoy extreme happiness, and girls are only in a role to play?Have you ever planned to have a romantic night and night, but only satisfy the other party, and do you want it to be lost?Have you ever tried to enjoy sex, but you have always thought that you can't grasp the secret?Don't worry, now womany already tidied up 10 tips for you to make you more of a sex!Check it out now!!

1. Use some pictures to warm yourself .

Whether you're having dinner with a friend or going to a movie with a friend, imagine a feeling of passion, thinking about his kiss or the light of his fingers, and imagine that you enjoy the orgasm, and you'll get twice as much as you can.

2. Kegel practice is really good!

Kegal Exercise (Keegal Exercise) is a self-practiced, familiar to all girls who care about love.It's a training exercise for the PC muscule!It can enhance the intensity of orgasm.You can't change the sensitivity of the G point, but love is absolutely training!

3. The front plays are important, but aren't the main points you want?

Every magazine or expert tells you that "foreplay" is important!But womany also says that although the front play is important, the focus is what you "wanted" at that time!If you really want to skip ahead of the development of emotions, go straight to the point of focus, then tell each other a little bit. Sometimes "direct" also has a different sense of excitement!(A lot of women are also impatiability to wait for the pre- dramas of the sheds ~)

4. It's not as good as being happy

Fish and fish are just like having fish and water!Two people will need to work together to make the feeling more beautiful.If you're just going to pursue your own pleasure and orgasm, you can let him delay his high point, or suggest that he wait for you a little bit, so that his orgasm can match your body's rhythm.Let him maintain his body's excitement at 78, and when the feeling of each other's body becomes higher and higher, speed up the rhythm!At the same time, the feeling of going to heaven is very good.

. If you want to enjoy a paradise, pick a good place first!

Sz has three types of orgasm.A woman's body is amazing, and sometimes you miss a certain kind of unspeical sense.Different orgasms have different kinds of postures.So if you know what you want to feel in your heart, you can take the initiative to pick a good position!And then womany will give you a detailed account of this, and look forward to it.

6. Breathing!It turns out that every one of them is a matter of art

You can't even think of breathing to help you go to heaven!Some experts say that when you are about to reach the climax, a slight hold of your breath can enhance your body's sensitivity.Some people also suggest that a relatively deep breath can be carried out at the height of the climax, increasing the likelihood of a continuous orgasm!Another suggestion is that, if you want to create a wild feeling, you can use the short breath before orgasm.Of course, different people have different breathing methods, and the best way is to try it yourself before you know.

. Familiarize yourself with your body and generate tacit understanding with

Make love is not only the love between the perfect partner and the partner, but also a way to understand your body.Womany suggested that you might take some time to sneak up on the reaction of your body completely before you completely enter the heavenly blank state. (Honey, we know it's a bit difficult, but after a few times you will find that heaven has always been there!)So the nerves actually get used to a reaction pattern, like when you get close to orgasm, your toes can roll up, or you might want to rub your chest, or even if you want to grab your pillow, and when you find out that you seem to be unconscious, you go on and do it even more.Because your brain will have the following neural conversations: " Ah!I started to breathe, and I started to roll up my toes, and I was getting bigger and bigger, and I was going to come." Honey, you'll find that you're really going to get to paradise more easily.

. Get out of here!

If your partner disclaims your stomach's big chest and flat, dear, it's time to leave him.If in the process of sex, the other person can't make you feel that you're cute and sexy, it makes you feel embarrassed when you take off your clothes, and you don't have the chance to enjoy your body.Get away from him!

. It's really useful!

Like masturbation, it is not only men who understand what a sex fantasy is.With your partner, you have a little fantasy about your heart, some wild wilderness, and some of the loss of control doesn't matter.According to the study, more than 60 percent of men actually love to know that the other half may sometimes be somewhat sexy, and that will make him even more interested in you!And when you realize your fantasy, my dear, you're going to be very exciting.

10. Do not be afraid to satisfy

Many people know that they also identify themselves as boys, "masturbate".But few women think they can do it themselves!"Dear, this is your body," womany says, "You can definitely make yourself more likely to find your body through your own hands or other aids."Many domestic and foreign scholars believe that masturbation can help the body build a recognition that can increase your yearning for sex and expectations (rather than abating the chances of orgasm!)Don't be scared!If you really can't reach orgasm in the process of sex, you can, after his vertex, ask your other half to continue to touch your sensitive band, and you can help yourself to enjoy a very comfortable orgasm.And finally, give him a hug and say, "Thank you for touching me, and I enjoy it." He will have a great sense of accomplishment!

After reading the ten small methods, is there a feeling that you are eager to try?The feminist scholar Simone Simpova said, "Men have sexual desire and women have the same."Not only is it, but it is also very strong. It has the desire to be satisfied."Dear, tonight is a wonderful place to be able to take you to your body," he said.You can love yourself.

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