When you and your partner love sex, you add some foreplay at the right time, which makes the process more enjoyably enjoyably.Try to "love" with your hand, and believe that you can have an unprecedented new experience.

Sex is not the only purpose of the two people, but good sex can definitely bring the relationship closer together.The beauty of sex is not just a moment of friendship, but a simple kiss from foreplay to the last hug allows us to have a better sense of happiness with him.Today, we share seven ways to use the hands of "hands" to love him, so that the hands of the "hands" can deliver limitless love and appeal to the top.

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1. Find the preferred gesture

Is it left-handed or right-handed?Too many girls face a bed so that they can, as long as they are lying untouched, know that they can also be very active, and when they find that they are in a very uncomfortable or strange posture, don't hesitate to switch to a fit-like posture.

2. Lubrication is really good

Relative to girls when they are excited, they naturally have a more lubricated body reaction, and men will need the help of lubricating fluid more than you.Although the private part of a man is quite scary, he doesn't enjoy a bit of friction at the time of drying. It can use all kinds of flavors of lubricating fluid (even suggesting the enjoyment of the salivate service), and the private branch, the extension, and the speed of adjustment. The beginning of the discovery begins to discover that he is excited.

3. Take it

The world's sex experts say, " When you touch a woman, you have to be slow and gentle, and you have to force and quickly touch a man." Some girls don't dare to try to hurt each other, don't worry about it. We can ask him to ask him if he is satisfied, so he can adjust his response.Remember when it was time that we wanted "quick" to help him solve it, sometimes a man would not want to serve him as a matter of fact.In the beginning, he could use both hands to hold his private place, with one hand to resist the roots of the private place, and to speed up the speed at the speed ahead. He would be crazy about it.

4. Maturity

We know that he needs a bit of psychological construction from the beginning, which can slowly move from the inner side of the thigh to the ring of the ring between the top (turtle head) and the penis.

5. Multi-tube beneath it

When it is the world that only wants to rely on the hands of the world, the experience of the world is already very mature, otherwise it is likely that it will face an unprecedented long and long night.When one hand is in service for him, another hand can touch his nipples or thighs or other sensitive areas, or to have some graceful breath or sound, or some sexy expressions, while satisfying all his wishes.

6. Don't forget the little helper

If you are a very experienced partner, don't forget to try male-use ringed massages.After a few moments of service, he can give him a little surprise, gently set up on his private place, and he will enjoy it very much. It can also be very labor-saving and can concentrate on attacking other sensitive areas.

7. Multiple finger

This finger is to be put in the anus of his anus.The women who want to use this move will be aware that this may make him love you for the rest of your life, and may make him feel that your taste is very salty.Because of the relationship of muscle tissue, when a man's anus is stimulated, there's actually an incredible revelation like the orgasm of female clitoris.People who have psychological disorders can also use small props to make him enjoy an unprecedented level of interest.

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The seven methods mentioned above can be used in a gradual and orderly manner. The two people understand each other deeply and understand each other physically, and this is a very happy event.(Recommended reading: Crazy Love and Class Show!Look at the Many Sex Scene the Grand Foreplace > )