is a large amount of literature that shows that there is a significant difference between men and women in language use.

Men don't even like to talk to another man. The two men can sit together for four hours. After they leave each other, they feel that they have already produced the bonds of brotherhood. (Dear girls, they have to come to a very good time to talk about the good times, right?)

But when they really talk, they often say something vague and emulated to fight for "space" for themselves, and today womany will decipher the most favorite sentences of men in the different stages of dating dating, and to interpret him as the real meaning behind these words!Are we ready?

When he said, "So maybe we can come out and gather together?"

He's actually saying, "I think it's really, really positive. I want to go out with a date, but I'm too scared to ask."

When he did not mention anything about the meeting again.

He was actually saying that he was not interested in this.

When he says, "It's really a good person."

He was actually saying, "We will never see him again. At the most, it is only a friend!"

When he says, "Let's be friends!"

He's actually saying, "This is not my food, but can we help me introduce a few of these very positive friends?"

When he said, I'll call again.

He's actually saying, "I can call it."But actually I was afraid that we would really agree, and then we would have to go out and we would be disappointed.Or worse, what if we were really interested in me?Do I really have to go through all the trouble that all these dates have come out with?Then get married, then have a baby. Oh, my God, no!

When he says, we are dating.

He's actually saying that although we have spent the night at least five times, and we have at least one bed at least once, it is definitely not the only thing that I'm dating!

When he said, I think we should start dating only exclusive.

He was actually saying, "This is a pre-war outpost that starts to like it."And I started to worry that if I don't start to point up my hand, it's going to be taken away by other men.

When he said, this is our third date, right?I think this place is very hot. What about this? Or start asking, "How many of you need to go to work tomorrow morning?"

He's actually saying, "I want to go to bed with you or to spend the night with me, at the house, or at the home of my home."

When he (in a great orgasm) said: I love it.

He may actually be saying, "I love it." Now, it's using the fingers/tongues/sour Actions of the fingers/tongue of the body!

When he (I saw you after a long time) said, "We haven't been in touch for a long time, and I've been thinking about it."

He's actually saying, "I've been down for three months."Perhaps we would like to be my clinician (but only this).

When he said, I don't want to talk about serious relationships, and I don't want to settle down.

He was actually saying, "Ibid.," perhaps, "I would be willing to be my bed company (but this is strictly limited to this)."

When he says: I really like it.

He was actually saying, "I think I'm going to fall in love with it." But if I really used this word, I couldn't go back and go.

When he says it is a girlfriend.

He was actually saying, "It is a real brand, a certain place, and his brother does not approve of it."

When he said: I'm fine, I'm fine.

He's actually saying, "Oh, my God!"I know that you want me to talk to me about all the big things that happened between my colleagues, the boss, and the driver of the bus that I was driving for a day.But I'm home now, and the only thing I want to do is drink a beer and heat the evening meal (perhaps there is also a hot lady with the hotness of the hotness), and then empty.

When he says, maybe we should give each other a little space.

He's actually saying, "Women, we're a little far away from me."

When he said, I don't know what I want.

He's actually saying, "I know I don't want it."

When he says, I need a little space.

He's actually saying, "I'm super-trying to get rid of it, but I'm still working on the courage."After all, no one will ever call me a bed or a scarf.

When he says, "It's a wonderful woman."

He may really be saying, "It's a wonderful woman." (If you have any of the following, please remember, it's good enough ...).

And when he says: I love it.

We hope he's really saying that when we're together, you always make me happy, and I think it might be the other half that I'm hitting.

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