Moo ~ Do you think that the Golden Bull men are all like the bull, not with the modifications?Through expert analysis of the horoscope, let's get a better understanding of the golden bull-men, who are no longer at a loss

Are you going to enter the Golden Bull Moon (4 /21-5/20), your lover's ascending star, or Venus astrology?Is it really hard to understand that this group of bovine men is slow to react?Look at the constellation experts to bring more highlights.

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Mastery of the constellation keywords, easily

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Taurus is a negative fixed constellation.The negative representation is more specific, passive, and negative, and the fixed constellation represents a more persistent, unchangeable, and organizational performer.The Taurus Seat is also an elephant constellation. The earth's emphasis is to be more emotive and sensitive, and to attach importance to the actual sense of the senses.Many people think that the Taurus is a relatively mysterious sign, because the Taurus is a relatively slow place, a focus on its own proprietary and privacy rights, and is not particularly concerned with the feelings of others. It is very easy to live in its own world at a slow pace.Although they live in their own world, usually the Golden Bull men usually do not have much of a heart, a kind and a kind of rational feeling.

Venus is the star of the Golden Taurus

star is the star of Venus, and Venus is a guardian of love, money and taste, often more sensory savory enjoyment, but sensory does not mean they are attached to material, but because they are convinced that the "five senses" of the person that Darwin said would determine his soul. They valued the good details of many lives and appreciated the beauty of the things.Because Venus is a guarded star, the Golden Niu men usually have a good opposite sex, even if they are not deliberately pursued, because they have a special appeal and charm.

The Golden Bull Man, Face the Attitude of Love

When a man who encounters a Golden Bull may at first ask, " Oh my God, does he like me or not?'Why is it so slow?' ' or at home, wondering why is it so slow?"Don't worry, bovine men are really a kind of unsolicited, even less active constellation," he said.So if he likes it, he happens to be a Golden Bull. In fact, it is best to take a slightly more active approach and gradually lead the cow to the desired place!

And when this is really a successful lover of the Golden Bull, congratulations, the steak men really do have a good, good, and a good way of doing it.Because it is realistic, he must feel comfortable and secure by his side. Only then will he be with us.He will increasingly take into his own unique world, he hopes to have a good relationship with his family, and he will have a bit of a cute and stubborn pretenable appetite, and he will make it feel that it is a very important part of his.(In the same field: [divine turkey]] How high is your slave in love?)

The Golden Bull, which values the family and the senses.

Golden Taurus is a child of filial piety and is willing to pay attention to family members. If it is very good for his family, or if he feels that he can run a family life with his family, then this relationship is usually a success in the direction of marriage.

A lot of people say that the Taurus is very concerned with appetite and material enjoyment, but it doesn't mean that the Golden Bull men only love hot girls or greed and live in luxury, but they are very conscious of any sensory sensory details that they can feel.They want each other's bodies to be physically accessible to each other, and they like physical contact, and bovine men are going to let them fall in love with their bodies again.

The sexual secret of a man's longing for a man

They pay attention to their actual contact with each other, and they are definitely not just greedy, but they can make a bit longer and a little bit more sensory, and it's hard for them to resist the stimulation of the sight and touch.A deep hug, unintended touch, and light kiss, so that he often has the best way to incite the men of the Golden Bull to the body of the body.(Extended Read: Adult film doesn't teach you: it's a good thing to focus on your own )

Weakerman's shortcomings

They don't like to change, they don't have the power, he likes to live with a set of rules and methods that he runs in his own life.If the two of you are very different from each other, it is almost impossible to change him, and it is easy for him to think that it is impossible for two people to go on and on.If it makes him feel uncomfortable with the beginning of the time, they often feel pessimistic about the end of the relationship, which is a good end to the relationship.

How to capture his heart

If his family loves it, the results of this relationship are usually more sweet.It is important to know why he likes to dislike what he likes. For instance, he likes to eat whatever he likes. He will treasure the details that he likes. Besides, he does not want to take advantage of his cheap price. When he wants to pay, he will naturally pay for it. But the deliberate demand will give him a discount on the impression that he is making.They also particularly like girls who have similar tastes to him, so if they really want to capture his heart, take a positive, positive, and find a lifestyle that matches his values, he will be more in love with it!