With self-conscious Lift, the acceptance of "plastic" by women in Taiwan has been greatly enhanced compared to five years ago, especially in the case of the " microorthopedic ", which reduces the risk of single plastic surgery, the cost of time and the recovery time, and makes it easier for women in the United States to converge.The strong nose, the enlarged eyes, the slightly tilted mouth, the sharpened jaw, the apple muscle of the young symbol, are the most frequently received customer needs of the plastic surgery clinics. But if you don't consider the overall proportion of the face, you can put these elements on the same face, and the results are not beautiful. (Recommended reading: Truth and Truth )

When you don't know the real need, many men and women will use the Template as a cosmetic foundation, most commonly as a whole or a whole of the cosmetic, but more unseen as a " Shitchliar series, such as the 's Chestnut series, which is almost half a face.What is the view of the public about such an extreme case of plastic surgery?

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Most of the netizens' reactions to the discussion of vertebral faces were "very strange", "doesn't look like real person" and "Photograph too much."However, some netizens suggested a more in-depth discussion on how to have a child's face:

" Like a photo, almost a straight line requires different facial adjustments. In addition to the muscle contraction of the original developed muscle, it is necessary to reshape the original wider rack through the teeth, or to perform excision on both sides of the jaw, and possibly even more prolonged surgery.I'm starting to admire the willpower and endurance of these vertebrae women ...

and the reactions of the inhumanity of the inhumanity:

" Too skinny cheeks and off-jaw are easy to show, which is the 10-year-old young girl who is not a cheeks, a bit of a chin, a bit of meat?It is natural for me and some puffed skin (in the speech) to show more vitality."

And young women do not spare any effort to magnify eyes a wide range of magnification and magnification, and the eyes and eyes can be magnified in such ways as to magnify eye-eyed.

Perhaps many men love the big eyes of the water, but according to a survey of Japanese men, the hyperbole of the eyelash and the thick false eyelashes are one of the five forms that men can recede when they see them close to the eye.

On the contrary, I will reduce the desire to close down because of the fact that I am not looking at the real long-phase of a woman who is too thick or too exaggerated."

The image of Barbie has not changed completely for decades, regardless of its hair or facial expressions, according to scholars who study the changes in Barbie's image.For example, in the 1950s, Barbie had a small eye and mouth, as if it were hidden from the heart. Today's Barbie is a bright and bright young girl with bright eyes.But the only constant in 60 years is Barbie's "perfect body": breast enlarging, waist, and legs.(Recommended reading: Sanwei of Barbie dolls )

But what is the actual ratio of this "perfect"?If Barbie's height is 162 cm, then the proportion of her three would be 32, 17, 28, which is the body of almost anorexia, and it shows a "untrue" proportion of the ratio.As with the reaction of a widespread netizen to Ukraine's real-life Babi, "This is not a real human being.""

Barbie's physical appearance is even more disproportionally exaggerated, as we are surprised by the image of a person and a person who is more likely to be less likely to protect the viscera, not to mention the unfit of the plastic surgery process and the recovery period.


Of course, the response expressed by netizens for all kinds of shaping up to non-true people is that these are choices of free will, as long as they are happier and less happy because of this, the others have no leeway to do so.

Women's fans would like to appeal to all of you to look for beautiful men and women, and until the actual actions are taken, I hope you will determine what beauty is what you really want, not the blind pursuit of what you want.The perfection that others told you is not perfect, but only if you accept your original appearance before you can find a truly unique, unique, perfect one.

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