Who says Taiwan can't have a good design?Library Brass let you break the myth and bemoan!

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A lot of people think that fashion items in Taiwan are hard to achieve high-quality, unique and measurable. If they are not foreign agents, they need abundant financial resources to have good design talent and high quality manufacturing environments, so this first impression created by the designer of the art designer, Library Brass, is definitely not "it is from Taiwan."

Library Brass series, created by artist named "Library" and "Brass", is a unique concept of brass instruments in the library, and the Library Brass gives us a sense of the quiet, elegant, and secret of the English style library.

If you want to say what makes this sense of high quality, it's the Library Brass making a smart and perfect blend of women's elegance and glamour, and a metal copper bracelet with a high plasticity.

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We can see the charming and full colors of the snowspin from a single ornament, and can also see a dazzling, dazzling, dazzling metal copper that is dazzling in the snow spinning.Like modern women, there is a soft, soft, and soft soul, but fearlessly facing the challenges of life in a variety of ways, trying to and always perfect a modern woman who takes care of her career and family.(Extended reading: Spanish gender equality global pole: a new generation of 65 % of women

Since the launch of the Boozy Indian Swing series in the fall of 2010, the unique concepts and novelty have been placed on the side of the domestic fashion circle and the media. Milk, a famous fashion magazine, has also been included in a column that has been read by famous overseas trendy magazines, even in the headline "confused with fresh decoration".