The yellow duckling most familiar with the children's childhood bath, from the bathtub to the sea!A pair of bright red lips, a pair of red lips, and a pair of golden brown ducks with a height of 16.5 meters and weighing 600 kilograms have attracted Hong Kong people to take pictures of the young and the young. The young and old are attracted to the wild.

Smile duck looks like a queue waiting to enter!

The Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong attracted a large number of visitors.

May be one of the most lovely Schemas you have ever seen, so you can touch the duckling from the inside out!

called "Rubber Duck" ("Rubber Duck"), a modern Dutch artist, Florentijn Hofman, created to share a sense of intimacy among the yellow duckling.Because of the appearance of the duckling, it can arouse people's memories of their childhood. Because of the nature of the floating toy, it symbolals the friendly and undivided borders of the duckling.The most important thing about the distance between modern art and daily life is that Hoffman hopes that everyone can see the little duckling, feeling a simple and intimate happiness.

The friendly, floating Rubber Duck has health properties.
(Friendly inflatable duck has the magic of the treatment of the people.))

Since 2007, the yellow duckling has been overshaded by French ST.Nazaire, Belgian Hasselt, and Amsterdam Amstam , and is attracting a large number of visitors, including the ports, ponds and canals, and Hoffman made up to 5-26 meters, making it look like they were swimming in such places.

blue sky, white clouds and green trees, and the yellow little ducks are harmoniously integrated into the corner of the port of Sydney Australia .

The pond in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is so small, so cute as the presence of the duckling.

also cursors with the canals of Japan's Osaka City , and the surrounding environment is very fast.

This time, however, the duckling came to Hong Kong, but there was an episode of "Leaking Wind".The duck's head is not only described as a Dutch egg, but rumors of "leaks" have also been published. Some netizens even jokingly called it "bird flu."

However, the wind is actually a routine checkup, and after recharging, it is a live duck, until June 2, it will be met with everyone in Hong Kong.Because the glamour of the duckling drives tourism benefits, Taiwan's Keelung harbor and Kaohsiung harbor are actively seeking to become the city of the next stop of the duckling.Will the fantasy tour of the yellow duckling go to Taiwan?Let's have a look at the gas collection!

When the duck came to Taiwan ... it was immediately a news topic about the program.( Taiwan Netizens Synthesis Diagram )

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