proud cat, the lovely kitty, the spooked cat, or the cat's innocuous kittens are all very fond of it, and when the French designer's two-man Kuntz + Deygas created the 's image, the cat's lamp, named " Mika Lamp , attracted a limited number of rare and expensive cat lamps.

Pet-like kitty lamp at home, MiCha lamp

United Bamboo, a New York brand, sees the loyalty of the cat slave and introduces a series of Cat Clothing Catclub Collection, each of which uses the same cloth material as the owner's clothing, so that the owner and cat have a more consenual form of coincident and cohourt.

Kitty is also going crazy!United Baamboo

In addition, the interior designer, Asahi Kasei, loves cats, has completed most of the cat's dreams, combining his home with the cat's playground and successfully creating the cat in the hearts of cat and cat Whether it allows cats to jump to the cat's springboard or the hole in the cat that they drilled, it completely overlaps the cat and the life!

The ultimate cat in the mind of a cat

Not to mention a variety of cute cat images that are crazy in the Internet , or super cute cats apps that are always wanted, and so on, cats are becoming more and more attractive to modern people.Today we are going to talk to you about the supertherapy from Japan and the cute cat postcard!This series of poker postcards, launched by the Japanese brand Pottering Cat , is full of fun and healing effects. More interestingly, this series of postcards is called "Postcard", which is made from a material that is fluffled and fluffled. When a cat appears in a poker, love, clubs, spades, and diamonds are all good things to play!

box A becomes the cyst of the cat!

spade 2 is used as a table tennis bat for play

Redcore 3 is the vinegar-sauce grasses that need to be irrigated carefully

s dirty
s dirty
s need to be cleaned

erythrocenter 7 can be used to do a good job.

are the cats that play with the eight spades of spades?

Elmer charm
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