At the end of the book, the Facebook friend sent a friend to "crash!"The state of the cry, and the call to the sisters' phone calls that she had just lost her love, and that she was exhausted by a classmate and had no one to eat.Very often, we rely on the care of our friends. Very often, they need encouragement. When we forget how we can help them, we may as well refer to the following methods!

1. accompany, listen!

Listen, simply let her know that there is a value in!It is hard to understand that when we feel sad, we just want someone to listen to the feeling of a compromise, and not really seek a solution or a kind of solution to the problem.The best effect is actually to be around her and to accompany her.But if reality doesn't allow it to show empathy and sincerity, even on the side of the telephone or the computer, the effect of healing is still very strong.

2. All are sisters, three or eight!

In fact, there are a lot of things that we can actually do to help her, and to understand her needs. Is it because of the unfinished business of waiting to be done in the wilder-made way?Or stomachache, toothache, migraine, and physiological pain?You can help her deal with the small things that we can do, whether by appointment of a dentist or a computer, if you can do it yourself, this friend is even more covered!), even buying a piece of fruit that she likes to put on her doorstep, such a pleasant surprise move is absolutely warm to the bottom of the heart!

3. White Eating lunch date

If a friend of the may , Upcoming, or have been experiencing a stress critical moment, then select a Restaurant , ask her to have a meal!Before they meet, they stipulate that they can only open a topic of humor and fun, and do not add fuel to the fire, or the pot of which can not be turned on.If you prefer to watch your friends eat happily, you don't want her to be hurt in a small soul. You should be more willing to take care of your purse this time!

4. Come on, come on.

the flowers, the roses roses roses, roses roses of roses "and" roses of roses roses " … the most insurance of their friends.Even though a lot of people, such as his father's wife?They say that they don't like receiving flowers, such as "getting paid after Hsieh Hsieh" or "wasting money and buying false flowers." But when the colorful flowers bloom in front of their eyes, the joy of their faces cannot be hidden.As long as you don't buy the wrong kinds of flowers that clearly have a specific meaning, everything is good!


thrill of a crazy, crazy-crazed fellow with a 's lunatic laughter, helping a friend plan a surprise event, even taking a risky adventure (of course, safe to the top), and believing that the pressure of the eyebrows was naturally released as it was a time of screaming and dancing in the rain.

6. Ig shots

What is the absolute laughter of a friend who sees something?If she is an iceberg, or a veteran extinct, she collects the beautiful memories that we share.When celebrating birthplace, outing, and making fun of each other's photos and films, Ren is resistantonly melancholy is not resistant to a good memory.In her , the album "Entertainment" is a topic of entertainment, not only to keep her spirits up at any time, but also to leave behind a cherished memory of the irreplaceable legacy of the world.

Everyone needs to be listened to, needed, and loved, and if a good friend of the world is facing a low tide, choosing a method and implementing it immediately, it will become a bright light that guides her through the dark.

A friend of life
> > Friends walk together
> > We all have two lovers
> > and friends have perfect vacation

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