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Speaking of brides, what are the images in mind?Maybe it was a romantic, beautiful wedding. She was wearing a refined, ?It is also possible that, with the blessing of family and friends, and the groom's hands, to move together to the other end of the happy red carpet ?The term "bride" is almost the same as sweet-beauty and happiness, but it is surprising that in the history of the film, many of the brides' themes have gone out of the framework of fairy tales, and the style is not "dreamy".Let's take a look at the gummy and stories of these brides now!

The favorite boyfriend is getting married, but the bride is not me?And I want to be the bridesmaid of the wedding?"

The bride is not me (shown in 1997)

(My Best Friend's Wedding), which is more than a Chinese translation of "My Best Friend's Wedding", the name of the translated phrase in Taiwan can be said to have a strong sense of the plot and the picture!

The story begins with the actress Julian, who receives the best friend , and is also a good news for her ex-boyfriend, Mike .Julian, the little girl who doesn't have a bride, gives her blessing and helps Mac prepare a wedding , but her heart in fact unable to put aside the two of her past emotions.Faced with an approaching marriage period, she dare not dare to show her love. She can only secretly destroy it, but is it for her sake, to defeat her competitors in the complex, or out of love and happiness for the two?

With no certainty now, there's only one left."

To explore the issues of love and time, the bride is not me. The friendship between the bride and the woman can be dubious and deep, and the beautiful moment of love is often fleeting. The moment he is not so brave at the moment, I love you, and the next second, he begins his life story in life.And you, you can only blessing one side.

The bride is not me, and perhaps you can see that after waves of emotional and emotional waves, you can still retain the elegance of the precious friendship.The ending was not happy, but was also a prelude to the "90s" wedding film series.

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Bride 100 % (1999)

Looking back on the bride's film, there is always less than a Bride 100 % on the list, but the fact is that the romance comedy between the owner of London's Little Book Store and Hollywood has nothing to do with the bride.

English The phrase from the location of the location _ London , Nottinger , and the brides for the translation of the place in Taiwan were released at the time of the release of Julia Roberts, who had previously been described as a "bride-to-be".In order to continue this trend, this kind of film has been shown to attract viewers' love houses and the Chinese people.(Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, after the "Terminator of the Devil"), and later, regardless of the type of film, "the devil's XX" and even the "devil child Wang".Another famous example is that when Bruce Willis was a "final detective," the continued work was translated into "stage hostages," or "Terminated Yakuza," and so on, "the same people as the" hostages "!)

One of the classic bridge segments: Deweer the movie.Do you still remember why this screen appeared?

The whole slice of the bride and the bride's family, except for a lover , the fairy stars Anna, and the civilian William experience three times apart from the dream settings of the "bride" film: the distance between the two places, the distance between the sky and the income, and the vision of the .It is worth that the film uses a lot of English love songs that are familiar to the Taiwanese audience, such as " when you say nothing at all " and " She ", which is more resistant to popular music and sweet graphics. .For nearly 15 years, having been rehearing at this point, perhaps you can give some reference to the newcomers who are on their way to the wedding.

name is actually even a "Buy one" bribe movie.

Big deal for the bride (2009)

A romantic wedding that is only once in a lifetime, or a wedding that is cheap; it has long been used to the best of its friends, but its own interests are in conflict with the long-lasting friendship. How do you choose to do so?

best friend, Liv, was famous for her personal pride, and her dream was to have a century wedding and meet with each other as bridesmaids.The two men who were married to each other were even asked to marry, but the coincidence of the original wedding coinciding with the occasion and the time when the restaurant had given them a wedding.The two men who had never retreating from each other for their own life-long affairs, went against the feud and made a lot of laughs and dwinking scenes.

most interesting thing about the bride's play is to the sisters in private to the other side: When we look at the girls' marriages, will they be forced to say "Ido" because they don't want to be the last of the remaining women?Or is it just a matter of wishful thinking and wishful thinking to ignore the emotions? Is it only for the first time to get married and get married, or to have to wear it for halfReviewed the dilemma of real life through an easily comedy comedy, to look at the original intent of the new pussy, and also to say that a good friend a strong combat force, was also struggling with the heart.In fact is most important for the bride to win the happiness and friendship at the end of the war, and not who wins.

are the most ruthless adversaries, and the most memorable of each other, if they are lucky enough to be happy and happy, should be the most memorable memory of the two.

After watching the three brides films, didn't they discover that the film was a bride, and didn't necessarily mean the perfect ending of a big cake and a white wedding dress?After that, more unexpected brides will be reported. Please look forward to it!

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