womany.net invites everyone to work with Japanese beauty experts to learn how to correct the bones, to exercise a tight muscle, and no longer need to succumb to inferiority and to let the teachers show their pride by showing their pride in two weeks, yo, and the teacher.

The last one ( face to face your problems before ) we already know where our problems are, and then we're going to get over them.Simple and easy actions can make it possible to restore confidence and confidence in the United States. Is it still not moving?You move along with your campaigns.In addition, it is very important to finish the exercise, so we also have a detailed look at the details of sitting posture and standing posture. The teacher says, "Learning the right posture is the fastest way to get close to the leg!"

Legs: A 100 % beauty-leg exercise with a teacher.
[Helicopter operation]:
Benefits: Removing the lower buttocks fat, highlighting the separation line between the thighs and the
: The reason the hips are sagging is because of the fat of the lower buttocks.As long as the hips are tightly tilted, the legs will look a little longer.Here we are going to use the "hip" as the target to exercise the muscles of the lower buttocks, which bind the thighs, and create a line that clearly separates the buttocks from the thigh.
Decomposition action (reference below):

step1: Basic gesture that supports the center of gravity

backs up during standing, extends the back muscles, and the right hand is lightly placed on the chair's back.The chair is kept in the middle and can stand the distance of another person.Breathe, slowly breathe.

step2: The height of the waist in the left knee

number to five, while the height of the waist is raised.Let the thigh have a 90-degree angle with the calf, bearing in mind the height of the knee.

step3: Rotate toward the outside

Remember to maintain the knee height of step 2, directly bend the knee, and use the strength of the thighs to rotate outward.Slowly to five, turn over to the side, and then count to five, and then pull back.

step4: Stop at the back and pull to the highest point

Keep this action for 5 seconds.The same is true of the right footThis set of actions is repeated three times.

[Clamping pillow]:
Benefits: Exercise the inner muscles of the thigh
Description: The inner muscle of the thighs is the less used part of our usual practice.So as long as there is an oversight, the fat will be attached.When you stand up and stand up, there is a little space on the thighs, which is the most beautiful leg shape, so let's take this as the ultimate goal!
Decomposition action (reference below) ::

step1: Pushing the pillow between two knees

step2: Inside the thigh, push the pillow

Maintain this posture for 10 seconds

step3: Put your strength down, relax

This set of actions is repeated three times.

Mighttips: Right posture, keeping us proud

[correct standing posture]

Teacher says: Learning the right posture is the fastest way to get close to the leg!

Let's get together to understand the basic posture and improve the skew of the body!At first, it may be a little difficult to find out, but soon afterwards we will find that it is easier to maintain the correct posture.


Stretch the spine and pull back the shoulder.The height of the shoulders is left to the left and right, and the upper abdomen is stretched like a stretch. The point is that the buttocks should not be highlighted

1. Stretch: Both hands are stretched straight and slowly, then slowly from both sides, and this state is the closest to the correct position.

2. Eyes straight ahead

3. Back to shoulder

4. Refers to the tip


1. Don't look straight

2. Don't look at the chair

3. waist and knee

4. Knee and hip

5. The waist and hip show 90 degrees

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