After the Dragon Boat Festival, the summer is officially launched!As expected, the appetite for food is not good enough.Back home, the chef's interest in the kitchen is even more because of the high temperature of the kitchen. … kitchen is reminding us that it is time for the kitchen to change the recipe.

Sliding cold beverages , Low-card salad , light sweet food and summer-baked vegetables do not cook incense are very appetizing.Since it is a summer-day requirement, has it been a summer-specific style, with a special appetite for summer time?

Take care of the sun's seawater, and have a particularly free atmosphere.This summer, a clean "Mediterranean cuisine" (M editerranean cuisine ) lifted the taste buds!

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If you talk about the Mediterranean, what you think about the Mediterranean is the sunshine, the bikini and the geographic center of Europe, or a slow-living idea?What is the view of the Mediterranean residents' daily dining tables?

People of the Mediterranean countries (including Greece, South Italy, South, Morocco, and so on) enjoy the sea around the ocean and produce very rich fruits and vegetables and fish produced in the climate of warm weather.They eat especially fresh, especially healthy.The Mediterranean diet is even listed as a "intangible cultural heritage" by the United Nations.I am afraid that the local people are very proud of it, and it is hard to imagineA simple household choicy, which is a cultural heritage of the world?

This is certainly not only the cultural strength of the Mediterranean cuisine, but also because of its high nutritional value.Many studies have found that the Mediterranean diet is a perfect set of longevity packages.People there take advantage of natural food, meat, and red meat, with a large amount of fruit and vegetables, nuts, and food.And because olive oil is so cheap, it can collapse the "liquid gold of the Mediterranean" -- whether it's a cooked food, a cold dish, or a salad that can see it shiny.

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Not able to see the thick and thick sauce in French cuisine, and not to eat too much crisp fried stew, but the ideal of good food for fresh and fresh taste is completely communicated to the visitors.

Learning about Mediterranean cuisine is not difficult, and is perfect for new beginners.The point is that the spirit of the Mediterranean cuisine is a bit like a snack in the harbor, insisting on fresh, more loyal to the original flavor.Meat food is often found in seafood or mutton, and is baked by olive oil, adding vanilla, salt, and peppers, and then squeezing some lemon juice, which can be brought up with fresh flavor.

The rainbow-like food spellings

The colorful vegetable color is so much of a desire to eat it!The Mediterranean cuisine uses vegetables of various colors, and the different colors represent different nutritional ingredients.It can also be said that the more colors we see, the more elements of nutrition.

Use Juicy Vegetable Fruit , like tomatoes, onions, sweet peppers, cucumbers, as a color palette, and imagine yourself a Jamie Oliver or an Aquire who is leading the way to an olive oil, a full-bodied Feta, and an olive oil. What's more of a sense of achievement than the meddling in the Mediterranean?

Eating health also makes you more and more beautiful.

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