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A lot of people hear the alarm clock. The habitual movement is like a shrimp like a shrimp, and it's a very bad way to do it.According to the study, the probability of stroke, myocardial infarction, and other cerebrovascular and cardiovascular problems is 20 % to 25 % higher than other periods of time in the morning, from 6 am to 12.Because after a night of sleep, mental and physical relaxation is not yet warm, and the blood circulation of the heart and the brain is not as good as it is, it is easy to have a heart attack, a stroke, and other accidents.So I suggest that before you open your eyes, allow some time, two simple warm actions in a bed, and make you happy and energetic.

First, do not open your eyes first, as our brain has just relaxed from a completely relaxed state to the normal operating state of the day. It is ideal for a static, warm, warm, and "read-in-the-mind" approach.Focus on some beautiful, happy images, such as with the favorite people, facing the blue coast and enjoying the warmth of the sun.It doesn't take long, half a minute to one minute, and these beautiful, happy images can wake up your mind, mind and mind, and make you feel the energy and pleasure of the positive.
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, you can then make a dynamic warm-up, that is, laying down in the bed, stretching your hands and feet, and then rubbing with your hands and rubbing them in the palm of your palm, covering three to five seconds of your eyes.When you rub your face with your hands, you can open your eyes slowly.

Three thirty seconds to reduce the posture
s low blood pressure

We often hear that some elders fainty when they go to the toilet in the middle of the night, and that they are often mistaken for a stroke, making friends and relatives of their families nervous.This is because the action below is too fast, too fast, and the condition of a "posture low blood pressure" occurs, and older, anemic, and often dizzy people are more prone to attack.Whether or not you belong to the three ethnic groups mentioned above, the usual habit of having three thirty seconds of a bed can reduce the probability of a "low blood pressure" occurring.The so-called "three thirty-second" refers to:

One, lay on the bed, open your eyes, and take 30 seconds to move your hands, move your feet.
2, slowly start up, sitting 30 seconds in the bed, moving your hands, moving your feet.
Three, slowly stand up, standing 30 seconds on the side of the bed, moving all over the body and making it easy to walk.

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The author of this article: Completfully Clinician/Lin Chengchi

Data Source: i-Nature Natural Life Network