Artist: Oliver Voss / Location: Germany

Eh?Is there anything in the city where you live today?
On the way to work this morning, did you stop to look at the artwork next to him?

The northern city public art will soon be running during the summer vacation!For example, the Taipei Street Corner, like the Taipei Street Corner, will appear on the streets of Taipei City on the streets of Lakuti.(Recommended reading: A childhood dream!The dream LEGO Lego Hotel )

Before this, let's first explore the art of street art abroad!

The German art season CityLeaks

CityLeaks Urban Art Festival is founded by a non-profit organization.They started the first season in 2011, and they were just trying to make Cologne more beautiful, and now they've launched a lot of artists working with them in cities around the world, leaving their mark.And the second quarter will begin in September this year, and let us look forward to the next works!

Artist: INTI / Location: Paris

Article:INTI / Location: Chile

Article:ROA / Location: Germany

Artist: Lucy McLaulan / Location: Germany

Artist: INTI / Location: Germany

Like in Paris City!

There is a super-thumbs up to 12 meters, weighing 18,000 kilograms, to be located in the downtown of the city of downtown Paris: the center of the new Arch.This thumb was described by Cesar Beldacini, a sculptor of the French world Andy Warhol, in 1965.Among his many fingers, the enlarged "thumb" was the most famous.

Artist: Cesar Beldaccini / Location: Paris

An art maze that enters Germany

Germany's street art is rich enough to have a fan page is dedicated to searching all corners of the country!Let's go to the streets of Germany.

Cartoon style 'Heaven and Hell'

Artist: Smy, Dreist & Teer Eins

Big Art with real cars

Artist: G é n é rik Vapeur

Eat it!A hand ladder donut

This is the famous cartoon "The Simpson Family" in the United States where Burt eats his favorite doughnut at Frank Fook Station!( Artist: Unknown)

The biscuit monster of Chi Ma Street is out of the way!

Artist: Timm Schnei

The eye is the window of the soul, it turns out to be true

Artist: MTO

Interesting 3D artwork, giving way people can make a thrall picture!

Artist: Marion Ruthardt und Gregor Wosik

Artists are also playin anti-social questions

Artist: Unknown

Look at art

And let's continue to look at street art filled with creativity and color around the world!

Artist: ASHOP / Place: Canada

Artist: Unknown / Location: Mexico

Artist: Pejac / Location: Spain

Artist: ETAM CRU / Location: Poland

Artist: LALeast / Location: Austria

Artist :Wild Drawn / Location: Greece

Article:FALKO / South Africa

Artist: L7m / Place: Brazil

Artist: Wes21 / Location: Switzerland

Artist: Erenest Zacherevic / Location: Kuala Lumpur

Last, let's take a look at the ads taken by Contrex of the country's mineral water.The advertisement used the concept of mobile public art and made it possible for people to play art together.

In a city where you live, don't forget to stop occasionally to see the surrounding landscape.Maybe, there's a color full of surprises and so on.

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