This summer, put on the most colorful pants in a city fashion adventure!Simple primes, with shorts of various color patterns , casual shoes , and metal textures, make it a bright spot in the whole city.The following womany help organizes the three [all] gamblers, with a pair of shorts and a pair of short pants, and can meet three different occasions — — work, lover, sister parties, and let them pass their own summer forms at all times.

LOOK1 ♥ Daily Appointment to Work

A simple and refreshing white shirt with a pair of naked pint, soft color, ankle boots, and elegance with elegance, elegance, and elegance.Don't forget to add a golden finger ring, to polish the delicious nail polish, and add a little bit of sexy to the detail.Come on, let's go!

LOOK2 ♥ The seaside time shared with the boyfriend

declares summer's arrival with a colourful national wind!After traveling on the weekends, wearing bohemian wind shorts, and with a rice white shirt, hyperbolic decorations echoed the colourful flower.But in the end, don't forget to wear a sexy, sexy sunhat, and the whole beach is an extension of the world.

LOOK3 ♥ mins with the sisters

When you prepare to go to the bar with her sisters on Friday, how do you wear it to casual and sexy?The fresh, dazzling hot pants are worn by a rugged belt with a simple white shirt and a bright green shoulder bag that makes the colors of the world even more dazzling.Finally, don't forget to select a pair of comfortable and beautiful high-heeled shoes. Are you ready to release the work pressure of the whole week?

After reading three LOOK, I found that many of my favorite items were unsure where to start.Or, I still don't know how to use the clothes already in the wardrobe to get out of the "adventuresy adventure"? So let's look at how womany is using the shopping mall to help us out with something like this!

womany LOOK ♥ adventurer

If you want to try a pair of shorts, you're worried about too much, so maybe you can try:

The cotton white T-Shirt, mixed with leather caramel shorts, will be able to deduce more of the material more.With the upper green Boston Pack and the bright orange boots, it allows the summer to be more colorful and more adventuy.and decorate with a metal ornament with design design, and finally scrape the green, light skin, and nail polish, so that the whole LOOK is even more divided!

► ► ► look carefully at womany selected commodity

white T-Shirt
Little leather panning
green Boston package
Queen's Queen's hand ring
galloon metal necklace
golden eye earrings
Orange boots and boots
nail polish-tailored
nail polish-apple jelly Apples and Cutard

► ► To get more summer clothes inspiration
This summer comes a Bohemian wind
shirt with fresh and fresh from summer
Summer hottest casual casual

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