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Have you been busy with your work busier, so long as you are accustomed to being so accustomed to it, you just feel that it's not right?You get used to carrying up all things on a shoulder, and you just want to give it to other people's hands and you don't want to worry?Always armed themselves, sometimes they feel powerless?If the above situation is often found in your body, then please look at this article.Here we are going to introduce you to ten of the best ways to relax your mood. Even if the work is too busy, there will be a lot of things to do, and it will be time to take the time and step down to find the ideal pace of life.(Recommended reading: Six Workplace Decompression )

1. Watch yourself, and find overly tense behavior.

Take a few days to record your fixed journey, asking your colleagues, children, or friends to remind you when you are too tight.This is not to deliberately embarrass you, but rather to let you learn how to live more flexibly and more relaxed.(Recommended reading: Large office pressure?Six tricks to drive out the workplace. )

2. Try new things

Try to try new food, sports, or even a new working environment.However, the new environment is often accompanied by new interpersonal relationships, which also bring pressure on public opinion.You have to be in the best mood, but you're going to be the worst: you may be hurt by other people's comments, or you may just be too lacking in self-confidence.In any case, new things are constantly being tried to improve your adaptability, and anxiety can be quickly reduced.

3. Embrace the opportunity

Don't get used to saying "no".Don't spend time trying to reject the 20 reasons for new things, but think about five reasons to convince yourself why you should try.For example, when you don't want to go out with your friends, you have to come down and think about it. You really want to maintain this friendship.(Recommended reading: This is a 16-step success: The opportunity is to say Yes!)

4. Live in the present

Don't think about other things that you should do but haven't done yet.Slow down and focus on everything you've been through at this point in time, and remember what's most important to you.I think it's much more important to have a good family relationship than a dusty kitchen.(Recommended reading: You say this is love: it's because of the past, now, and in the future )

5. Try new ways

Do you often use the same way to accomplish one thing often as a "habit"?Try a new way!For example, take a different route to work, or sign up for yoga classes.Tell yourself this: you can do the same thing in other ways, and it doesn't harm you.

6. By way of nature

This may be a big challenge: let others be held accountable.Try to be a party to your partner, your colleague, or your friend over a day of obedience, and you try to accept and obey.In this way, you will be able to appreciate what you normally look like in the eyes of others.

7. Appeasement concessions

You want to try to detect things that are always responsible, in charge of one thing.When you think about it, are there some people around you who can discuss it with you and finish it together?If you don't agree with them, they will gradually stop giving you advice.Remember to listen to others' ideas and try to find a win-win result.

8. Learn to let go

Put it down, put it blank, relax, rest assured, let go, what can you do?Try not to think about trivial matters, which would make you better.If your other half always doesn't look like you do, or if your child has a bed and doesn't fold, you don't care too much.It is often the most difficult to keep Shen from the beginning, but think about how much freedom and joy you will have when you no longer want to control everything, and don't force yourself to do everything.(Recommended reading: Turn around and experience with yourself )

9. To know what you're doing

Do you often use the words "not", "shouldn't", "don't"?So it means you're getting more and more tense yourself, try these words, like "Try it", "Try Together", "I'm not sure" or "What do you think?""A one-faced attitude does not make things more perfect."(Recommended reading: Don't limit your own life, you will have unlimited )

10. Lab changes

As you practice stretch, ongoing exercises will make your body more and more soft.And the mind is also, at times relaxation, which makes you feel more flexible in your mental state.Start with the creation of a small goal, such as providing for a small change every day.The more you can challenge yourself in the face of new things, the more you can embrace new stimuli in your daily life, and you can fit in.(Recommended reading: Changing your own six forces )

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