Women love America and don't pay the price, and believe it is the same thing as the same thing as women.Previously, there were many ways to maintain skin care, such as eyedrop retention law , bathing beauty law , and spot-keeping law .But where are the limits of the beauty of the United States?Let's take a look at these bizarre maintenance and recipes!(Recommended reading: Make the beauty of the five recipes a new one! )

Skin for Skin

In recent years, Korea has produced many products containing snail's extract, such as a snail mask, a snail's BB cream, and so on, but has never heard of a "snail skin"!The latest maintenance method will take place next week in Tokyo, but a British journalist has been preempted by a first step, allowing snails to crawl in their faces.

Don't just play, but there is a scientific basis!The slime contains collagen, an elastin, a bladder, and so on, which has the function of maintaining moisture, easing, and restoring the skin.Before snails can be replaced, the skin of the facial skin will be put on the face of the snail, and the snails will be released. This will help the slime to penetrate the skin faster, and let the skin of the skin be more flexible.

Vampire Lampi

The American truly knows this maintenance law after the "Vampire Lampi" was carried out in the show by the American Mirrors star Kinckasha.Why is it called "Vampire Lampire"?In fact, there's a nurse who pumps a little blood out of his arm, and then she's in the face, and it's going to be full of blood, and it looks like a vampire who has just finished his blood.It sounds scary, but it can stimulate the blood circulation of the face, and produce collagen to make your skin even younger!


This is a wave of American trends in China!The beautician on the customer's face is covered with a cocktail of alcohol and a cocktail of skincare, and a towel is then ignited.But don't worry, the beautician will use another towel to put out the fire in a few seconds.This approach is said to help to resist cold, reduce weight, and repair the skin.

Lean facial mask

is not mistaken!I don't know what you're going to do.The semen contains an antioxidant called spermine, capable of leveling wrinkles, anti-pox, and smooth skin.A Norwegian company saw the opportunity, and they developed a synthetic fine amine and made it a facial cream.

Cat Sand Face Membrane

One American female Michelle Phan attracted 827,277 hits after she had made her own face mask on the Internet!She explains that the ingredients in the cat litter are bentonite, which is a mineral rich volcanic soil, which has a very high negative ion energy that can help the skin to detoxize, especially for people with oily skin!Other functions include faint, fading, and reducing pores.Let's take a look at how she makes a cat surface film!

Make Steps:

  1. Dig a little bowl of flavourless cat into a small bowl
  2. Join some aloe glue, then squeeze in some aloe glue, and stir it evenly
  3. Next to microwave oven heating up to 20 seconds
  4. finally, the skin is skin on!

Do you dare to try these novel care secret?Let's not say whether there is any effect. I think that women who dare to venture into new tricks should become the subject of discussion.

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