A university student looked at his schoolbag on a bus, and he forgot to carry with him his hard drive. He needed the information in it to complete his work on the explosion!The general public would only admit that the unlucky and unlucky one rushed home, but the university student picked up the pen and started writing the formula for solving the problem.Seven years later, the equation became a tool for more than 10 million people around the world.He is CEO of Dropbox, Drew Houston.

Druge, a billion-dollar Druge, shared his journey to Dropbox in visit , and let's see how he manages the hot tool for the current value of some 7.7 billion dollar output value.

One, Timely Matter

Most tech start-ups are like this: some people have a common goal together, and they start writing programs to complete the first model, and then slowly start learning new technologies.But for Drew, Dropbox was done independently by him, and that was his hard work.Now, Dropbox has been a company with more than 300 employees from a person's product.

Drew was initially focused on developing Dropbox functionality, but gradually he realized that he managed to manage not just a single product but a company.He slowly put down the writing process and began to work first and foremost with the management company.Drew said, " It's becoming less important that you've been very good at work, and the skills you have to be good at gradually fill your life, which is really hard for a person who's writing a program."

II, Proactively Find User

People who use Dropbox must know how to use it at the Dropbox home page, but do you know Drew made the first two minutes of the first two minutes of the film?After Drew produced the first film, he placed it in Hacker News, and didn't expect that the enthusiastic response from netizens had prompted him to quit his job and concentrate on developing the product.After his model film spread across the Internet, he rapidly surged to 75,000 users from 5,000 people a day.

Drew is aware of the importance of developing new users for Dropbox.Now, Dropbox continues to be the original Drew's spirit: friendly, funny, friendly, and he still likes to make a little surprise for the fans.

Three, Open Breast Restudy

The most important thing that Drew of a writer's program is to do business is to do business.From marketing to management, he was a stranger to him, so his first task was to read a lot of books!

He said, " Read some books about management that don't make you a better boss, just like you're reading a book about being a good guitarist doesn't make you more powerful, but reading these books gives you the idea of managing important concepts.He says he wants to constantly take uptake in different fields, even the people.He has many friends who are also startualists, and he will talk to them more about starting up a business, and he lears from this process by learning from them, absorbing their experience, and then learning about management.

Four, always a better solution

Although it's new, Drew remains open to the unknown: ' Always jump out of the comfort circle, like everything, even if it's not about the product, like talking to a speech and so on. '"

He believes this is a mentality of developing a person.If a person can be curious about everything, and not afraid of new knowledge, the more likely it is to find a better solution.He said, " I spend a lot of time thinking about something that I don't know, and I'm going to ask myself three questions — do I need?What does the company need?What should we do after three, six, nine, 24 months?If I can find the answer, I can find the technology first."

Five, create a unique corporate culture

The corporate culture is a powerful force, and if all employees work together, the entire team is working not only with high efficiency and freedom.At first, Drew wasn't aware of why corporate culture was so important, and he began to make a difference after days of talking with a CEO who also managed hundreds of employees.

" He told me to establish the value and objectives of the company and to ensure that every employee knows what it means, so that we can create a unique culture for the company.I remember thinking only of my head that I wouldn't finish the procedure.Shortly after, Drew gradually understood why the CEO emphasized the "unique corporate culture".Corporate culture is not just about fostering employees and boosting the spirit, but it also creates an image for the company as a whole.Perhaps the future of Dropbox's staff will be increased to 1,000 or even 10,000, while the company's core value will be the target of linking all employees.

From design concepts, designer to management of a company that manages the value of 777 billion dollars, Drew is not discouraged and is trying to find the best solution.He was not afraid of the unknown, but embraced all the knowledge he didn't know, and allowed himself to come into contact with all the possibilities.Even as the owner of hundreds of employees, Drew returned to his students' identity to learn, to return to the original intent of creating the product and to make a more appropriate service to the Dropbox user.So when you're afraid of the future, you might as well pick up a book that you never wanted to read, and maybe you'll find that the world is still very large, and there are many possibilities that are worth your time to go to.

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