It's summer time to eat the ice!womany helped you find a delicious 8 percent ice cream shop in the ice-cold store on the summer day. Let's get you to go with your friends. Are you still hot until you don't want to come up with a door?It's okay, stay home and we're going to get you a delicious raspberry jelly recipe with fresh berries and ice cream , or a glass of cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold, cold.

In Taiwan, a wide range of ice is so ideal that ice, ice, ice, ice, and every ice are all summer's good taste.But the most coveted, it should be the colorful ice cream, and each flavor should have its own flavor. Each one of them has a full taste of happiness ......

you know more than one kind of ice cream that loves ice cream?It comes from different sources, uses different raw materials, and makes every ice cream each with its own characteristics.Below are you introducing five different ice cream, including the common type of ice cream common in Taiwan's Taiwan, and snow and cheese that are popular overseas.After reading this article, next time, don't forget what kind of ice cream you eat!

this summer cool!
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Author: womany editorial/Janice Wei
Data Source: Washington Post