In addition to being able to make hot wine at home as well as smelling the wine of the nose , I think it's very important to think of a bartender for a walk in the country.First of all, the womany helped to organize the ten tourist destinations in 2013, enabling the taste buds of the world to enjoy the beauty of the local brewery and to bring the sights to the bottom of the eye!

One, Rioha (Spain)


All Spain production area.Located in the northeast of Spain, Rioha has a history of making wine for hundreds of years!In the 19th century, some French wine producers were fleeing the plague, and they crossed the Pyrenees into Rioja.Today, there is a wealth of cultural history, beautiful scenery, local cuisine, and, of course, amazing wines!

II, Danube (Austria)

go from the solemn merch monastery to the city of Vienna, passing through Vahao, Krems, Camp, and Wagram, all of which are wines in Austria's wines, and the Danube is winding up from a steep terrace vineyard to a rolling hills and a forest.The rich cultures of these regions are not history, and they are still growing today and being remembered by future generations.

III, Long Island (New York)

with beautiful beaches, busy fishing ports, rural and forest, New York , is unique compared to the rest of the United States.The unique geographical environment is located in the northeast: North Fox and the South Foxx Islands, stretching into the Atlantic Ocean, like a fork (fork), with another beautiful Port Shelter.It is believed that it is only two hours away from New York's Manhattan, so it not only has a pragmatic character but also a vision of prosperity.There are private farms, handmade food, and liquor store, and they all enjoy the treasure that this rich land has brought to them.

Four, Stellenbos (South Africa)

Stellenbosse is a university city with rich history.This ancient city is full of Ooak trees, and it is surrounded by the majestic mountains, like a huge ancient Greek theater!The vineyard has been a kind of street art since the 17th century, and they are everywhere in the deep valley, the hillside to the coast!Stellenbosch has the largest liquor store in the open area, which can be said to be a dream tourist destination for all, because whether it likes wine, art culture, cuisine, or hiking surfing, this South African city is absolutely perfect for us!

Five, Monterey (California)

Monterey is one of California's top wines, but it is not only a good wine destination for tourists, but also a destination for travel.It has a lot of beautiful scenery, such as Big Suer and a golf course in the round stone, and it also has a lot of high-end tavern and galleries.In general, Monterrey offers many different services to guests who come to wine.The resort hotels almost cover the entire state, with each of the world's best-known cuisine, locally produced wines, and fully equipped spa, which is a favorite of the world.It's a hundred miles from San Francisco, and if we're going to go to San Francisco during the summer vacation, don't forget to taste the Monterey wine.(Extended reading: Good wine journey after slightly )

6, Vale dos Vinhedos (Brazil)

While coming to Brazil on the Sunshine Beach, Vale Venhedos, however, has a view of Piedmont, Italy.At the end of the seventeenth century, a large number of Italian immigrants came to the south of Brazil, and so they began planting grapes on this land.Today, Vale dos Vinhedos produces 90 % of the best wine in the West.The green hills and the wine of this place are attracting 150,000 visitors a year!Don't forget to chat with the local old people here, and you'll notice that the Venetian dialect that they talked about was a little bit confused with the Portuguese language!

VII, Willamette Valley (Oregon, United States)

The Willamette Valley is a big place that contains a friendly wine shop, a deterrent, and it is also a toy city!The tourists can play in the town, but don't forget to take risks in the countryside!Dundee Hill and Ribbon Ridge are the locations of the Willamette Valley and the two best boutiques.It is proposed that a person who wishes to go to the wine should be ordered first, and that they will provide the most enjoin of the wine room of the individual.

8, Hunter Valley (Australia)

It's just a few hours from Sydney that can reach this beautiful gorge and taste the wine!In fact, many tourist buses and limousines can reach the Hunter Valley from the urban areas, so most Australians will come to a beautiful day in the US.But if we want to explore the Valley of Hunters, we suggest that we can even spend a lot of time in the night.Because it is one of Australia's regions that grow grapes in traditional technology, it has a rich history and a wide range of lands that make it a great adventure!(Extended reading: Sydney Hunter Valley Wine Tour )

9, Douro Valley (Portugal)

will certainly fall in love with the Douro Valley.It claims to be the most beautiful wine region in the world, and every Portuguese who set foot on its magnificent land, once tasted with its sweet wines, says so.From the mountainside, the steep vineyard is above the magnificent Douro, overlooking the river.For hundreds of years, this land of abundance has never been known, so that dogs in this place have been sleeping on the road, and the grapes don't seem to stop growing, and it's a place to hold the breath.In the evening, we can sit on the sun, take a locally brewed Boulder white wine, and then listen to the distant air sirens across the Douro, where the world is now peaceful!

Ten, Pluria (Italy)

The Italian region is a quiet place where people live the envious lives of people.There is a strong history, such as the octagonal Castle-Monte Castle, built in the 13th century, and the inspiration for many architects is still the ancient castle.This is where we can see hundreds of years of weathened rocks, painted white buildings, and olive trees that are visually conflicting, feel comfortable in feeling.I believe that the wines produced in the arms of the azure of the blue sea have its own unique fragrance.

We have organized a map of wine in the United States so that we can have " Happy Women's Journey" the United States.

to other countries, escape from the uproar with travel and wine!
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