In the workplace, we need more women at the senior management level.In many studies, we already know that when the company's senior management has a woman, the company's economic value will increase by 1 % (usually more than US$ 40 million).Apart from the many different ideas that women can bring about, can we infer that women's ideas, behaviors, and behavior are influenced by these studies?For example, they are relatively easy to teach people around them, encourage men around them to treat their own subordinates, and encourage the exchange of information ideas.The company's economic benefits are increased in addition to the direct actions of female managers, even as they affect the male managers around them to the next level.(Recommended reading: Can he now allow a future? )

Let's give you an example: Bill Gates donated a total of $28 billion in the lifetime of his lifetime.Two decades ago, when he began to become a wealthy man, he publicly stated that he would only start donating 25 years later.A year later, he changed his mind; less than three years later, he was listed as the third most generous philanthropist in the United States by Fortune magazine.

He returns these good deeds to his mother and his wife: two of the most important women in his life.

We can actually feel the power of the phrase "every successful man behind every successful man" in Bill Gates, and more recent research data points out that this phrase is much more influential than what we think!

Can a woman really make a man more generous, generous?The question asked three researchers to open up a 10-year observation study.Unlike Buerghiz, a large sum of money, the study looked at the change in the salaries of men CEOs paid to their employees after they had children.In the tens of thousands of Danish companies they observed, it was found that the child's gender would affect the salary of the employee.They found that when a child was raised by a child, an average of $100 would be paid to employees, the study said, because "he wants to leave the company's resources to his/her family, even if he has to pay for it."

But the researchers have looked more closely at the information that when the child of the CEO of the company is a boy, the salary of the employee will decrease, but when the CEO has a small daughter, the salary of the employee will not be reduced, and sometimes it will be raised.

When you get along with your daughter, Dad will give her little hair, and take her to the ballet class, and she'll help her pink little book bag, and she's going to help her daughter find a baby doll in her house.These seemingly simple, simple actions that actually affect Dad's personality will become tenderness and empathy.(Recommended reading: A good man is a teacher!Why is it so hard to apologized for men?)

A sociologist believes that the sister's understanding of motherhood and motherhood affects their brothers.Professor Alice Eagly of Northwestern University pointed out that men would be instinctively and educated to protect their sister, sister, and other girls, including those who did not know.

The psychologist Paul Van Lange decided to take the lead in a study to see how generous the number of brothers and sisters would be.The 600 people he recruited, each of them had to choose one of two options: the first one was that when you had $25, your partner could only get $10; the second one was like you took $20, and your partner took $30.The first option is obviously selfish, and the second one is that your little sacrifice ($5) can increase your partner considerably ($20).In the results, the professor analyzed the average person who found the second option, with two brothers and sisters, and one for the first one. 5 brothers and sisters.

The more brothers and sisters, the more likely they are to share, so it is easier to opt for the second option that is more generous.But it wasn't so simple, and gender was again pulled out to analyze.In the same number of brothers, the choice of the second option is 40 % more than the number of the first choice.In other words, a person with a sister is less likely to be self-centered.Prof Van Lange points out that there is another study that shows that the more older sister's sister is, the more he will spend with his children.

Professor Lisa Vesterlund of the University of Petersburg have found that women tend to distribute all the benefits equally, with boys being "more likely to be completely selfish or completely selfless" than in the middle, and that there are no important women in the middle, including mothers, wives, daughters, etc.

Is it possible for men to be better, more generous, and more often, research shows that women are often influenced by women.Although we often say that every great man has a great woman behind it, it should be more accurate to say that every great man had a great woman leading him, and if we were smart, we would go along with her.(Recommended reading: The Future of Love )

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