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In the last day of July, let's take a look at women's obsession with the eight interesting news stories!Can we imagine that the final prize to be won on TV shows is a baby?And the beautiful Princess Diana was back on the cover of the magazine!If we want to hear the latest revelation on the Internet, let's listen to the latest revelation.

Six kgs of baby born!

In Germany, a 13.47-pound baby girl was born, which is equivalent to 6,100 grams of Jaseline, possibly the most important baby in Germany, and her mother gave birth to a cute baby in natural production.And don't forget that in March of this year, there was a 15-pound boy in the United Kingdom.However, this kind of weight may not be normal, and she is tested for gestational diabetes, but fortunately she is safely weathaway from the production process.(Extended reading: parents, do you really have a baby?) * Press Source: Huffington Post

Princess Diana on the cover of VanityFair

the death of Diana, she was on the cover of VanityFair's magazine 16 years after her death, and her cover story was about the last two years before her death (1995-1997) and Hasnat Khan, a doctor of the heart of Pakistan.Khan's relatives told Vanityfair: " Diana loved Khan, and she was even willing to marry him.The story tells the story of Princess Diana's second love affair with Prince Charles after his divorce.

(Extended reading: What are the odds of a seemingly unfavorable relationship eventually being a good fate?) * news source: vanityfair.com

Congratulations on winning a baby!

After a couple has won the game TV show in Pakistan, the hostess gave them a gift of two weeks, a healthy baby girl!The host of the television program said that the problem of abandoned baby is very serious in Pakistan, and before the law has legalized the children to raise children, what is wrong with having a happy family in the baby?He said that they would be screened before sending the baby out.The program was controversial on the Internet, and many people said it wanted Pakistan to wake up because "the baby is not a prize that can be sent like this."(Extended reading: parents, do you really have a baby?) news source: edition.cnn.com

Dog Slimming Camp

The U.S. recent survey shows that more than half of the dogs are overweight!This dog diet battalion provides swimming lessons for dogs, aerobic exercise, and daily health checkup and body weight measurements.If dogs are serious, they also offer rewards, including the health of the Yoggetta and the dog, the warmth of the dogs! (Extended reading: Great centroid dogs collection!)) news source: Time Magazine

Ten Macbook Pro can buy one aircraft

It sounds expensive to build a plane, but a team called Maker Plane in the United States doesn't think so.They use modern technology to make the whole plane lighter, cheaper, like 3D-printed parts, and so on.Maker Plane asked them to use $15,000 to sponsor them, so long as they have completed the program, investors can use this super-modern aircraft at any time! (Extended reading: Airplane Prerequisite Cosmetic ) * News Source: FastCompany , Picture Source:

How do you look at Marina for $600,000?

Gaze Marina raised 600,000 dollars recently in the world's largest fundraising platform, Kickstarter, to turn her house in New York into a Marina College, which will be a college for performing arts and education across the world.A lot of people ask her: "Why is it so famous and need to raise money from Kickstarter?"She replied: "Kickstarter is an original site on social platforms, and I want my college to be founded by the people who want it.""( Extended reading: Gone itself female artist ) * News source: FastCompany , Picture source: source

Japanese artist to make a permanent home

Previous reports indicate that there is no family crisis in Taiwan's host crabs!People have been forced to live in plastic chips because of the excessive gathering of shells that allow crabs to live. Last week, the Bay Protection Association even started to mobilize shells on the Internet.A Japanese artist, Aki Inomata, was inspired by 3D technology to create a surprise little house for the crab.( Extended Read: Dancing houses ) * News sources: FastCompany

How can the dancing girls at the Youtube teach us how to become famous overnight?

This is Karen Cheng, a girl who has recently become popular on the Internet, who taught himself dances within a year and put the process on the Internet to stir up excitement.Yesterday, she published a few tips on how to make a movie that made us famous overnight!For example, on Monday, the film was put on the Internet most eye-catching, one must prepare a marketing plan, a title to draw on, how to market itself, and so on, and so on.Let's see how attractive this girl is! (Extended Read: Queen of Modern Dance ) News Source: FastCompany

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