A lot of girls have a vision for Paris, and a year after The Simply Luxurious Life, she shared 33 of her life in Paris on her website.Here are womany :

A lot of people have an unspoken fascination with Paris, a romantic encounter, a dream atmosphere, a simple, elegant fashion.In the alleyway in Paris, sitting in a coffee shop observation passerby, I learned a lot of simple life reasoning in Paris.

  1. When eating, the handle is received.Enjoy the atmosphere that brewed with the dinner table of the meal and the food brewed.
  2. Let things start naturally.Who knows what these things are going to take?
  3. Do not make your brand new.Quality is much greater than the trademark.
  4. Do not stare in size.wear those clothes that are of beautiful shape.(Recommended reading: real size models )
  5. Wake up in the morning and be excited for you, because there is nothing to ensure.
  6. Inspirs are ubiquitous, and they only need to open their eyes
  7. A holiday is required for everyone.Rest is a long way to go.
  8. The things that love you are that make you physically fit.
  9. This is a response that reflects the respect for oneself, life, and others.
  10. Keep yourself down for a short period of time.

  11. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
  12. Selected decorations make your costume more perfect.(Recommended reading: 10 seconds!Hand ornaments with knowledge )
  13. are patient.Let every day start, rather than make you feel frustrated.
  14. When the weather is too hot, get the bed early, enjoy the quiet and cool morning of the morning.
  15. It's not as stylish as it is.Sexualism only selects the appearance of materialism, and the fashion reflects the self-respect of the heart.
  16. Integrating the scarf into your wardrobe.There can never be too many scarves, different designs, seasons, feelings, and a scarf that will immediately increase the fashion sense of the clothing.
  17. Invest in high quality features.The motive for choosing to buy a pair of earrings should be that it reflects a fashion that is fashionable and can be long-lasting, rather than buying it for the time being.

  18. Even if you have complete health care, smoking will never be dazzling.
  19. Rather than retreating or stagnating because of fear, ask why.If you understand it, you will have a sense of image; you have a sense of direction and you know how to go on the road to freedom.
  20. Planning and doing your homework will always be good, even if the original plan is not the same as the original plan.
  21. Is wear clothes for itself.
  22. Whether or not there are people or people who are in the same pillow, put on beautiful underwear and pajamas every night before sleeping, and enjoy themselves.(Recommended reading: sexy underwear to be read by women )
  23. Love life.Even though the life of the current life is not a dream of this dream, it will be enjoyed by a small habit, a feeling of affection and so on every day.
  24. Remember to prepare a simple straight leg skirt in the wardrobe.When you look at a wardrobe, you feel that when you don't wear it, you will be happy to have a simple piece of goods.
  25. Don't blindly travel to the popular spot with other travelers.Find a place that is most enjoyable, even if it's a town that no one has ever heard of, because it's a journey of the world, it's not the other people.
  26. The perfection of Paris is that it accepts it imperfect.It's also possible to understand yourself, find out and embrace where you are imperfect.(Recommended reading: Girl women, please love yourself )

  27. When you buy something that is really wanted by us at a special price, that feeling is really good.
  28. Expressions that have large text forces and are used with caution.
  29. Everyone is on their own path, but when they are in harmony with each other, the speed of moving forward is the fastest.
  30. Prepared to make life easier for life than is expected to be spent on the amount of money that is expected to beWho knows what will happen?
  31. My Paris is a feeling: self-respect, unique style, divine sense.
  32. My Paris is where I am.
  33. As long as they do not resist, life will surprise you the best when it is best.

Travel is a blessing.No matter how close, how long it is, how long it goes, whether it's a plane or a simple walk, all the corners of the world are secretly prepared for you to explore excavations.

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