Yahoo is healthy for employees, encourages people to go 100 kilometers, and is aware that love shopping may not be the fault of the industry?Let's take a look at what's new in the world.

Yahoo! motivator employees to walk 100 miles a month

Yahoo encourages employees to not always stick to the computer table, develop daily sports habits, and provide employees with a Jawbone, a handloop that can be combined with cell phone applications to record your daily campaign times, categories, and so on.After the new chief executive, Marissa Mayer, took office, including yoga, boxing, and golf, if employees promised to walk more than 100 kilometers in a month, they would provide the movement's hand ring, which would have the potential to improve the daily sports habits of their employees.(Extended Read: Love for Third Step: Moderate Sport Enjoy Love )

They are parents who pervert to the shopping malls.

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Will it often feel like a shopping mopper that the heroine in the world has always wanted to shop?Recent papers published in the Journal of Consumer Affairs found that experience in some children could lead to a forced shopping behavior after growing up.More than 300 college students fill in the relevant forms, and after interviews, the researchers collate the behavior of forcing shopping into the end if their parents divorced or separated from their home and other daily habits, and so on.But the best way to prevent children from changing their shopping malls is to teach them the right way of money.(Extended Read: Style without Borders: Internet Fashion )

US Forces New Uniforms for Women

The US military's previous uniform was wide and wide, and one set would span up to five sizes, but with more female soldiers, the US military launched a series of uniforms for female soldiers.Not only is the clothing modification type better fit for women, the pants are shorter, the shoulder lanes are adjusted, and the seam of the knee elbow is reprinted.In 2011, the uniform was tested by 600 female soldiers, and more than 94 % of the girls felt that the new uniform would make it easier.

Drinking water from plastic bottles increases wrinkles

Drinking water every day is sure to be, but from the plastic bottle, drinking water is even wrinkled!It's not about plastic, it's the shape of it.continuously covering the mouths of the mouths of the mouths, forming wrinkles on the periphery of the mouth of the mouth, the best way to drink it, or the best of the cups!(Extended reading: Honey lemonade per day!)

100 heartbeats for girls in New York

New York girl Lauren found her heart unable to provide enough blood to her body when she was 25.So she decided to leave her footprints in her favorite city of New York.She printed 100 golden heart badges, sticking them to her favorite New York corner every day: favorite restaurants, favorite benches, and so on.